10 Splurge-Ready Wedding Ideas


Wedding of George and Yiota. Porfyri Photography.

From the perfect gown to the perfect chair, here are ten ways you can really treat yourself when it comes to wedding planning, thanks to expert planner and wedding ‘angel’ Danielle from white+white weddings and events. After all, it’s only once in a lifetime!

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1. Photography – do yourself a favour and get the best. Photos last a lifetime.

2. The bride’s dress and groom’s styling – it’s the era of the dapper gent and his bohemian, eclectic bride. Splurge on specialised services – find the right dress or get it designed and get his suit tailored.

3. Wedding planner – all the fun of planning a wedding and none of the stress. An investment for sure!

4. Good quality food and a decadent spread – guests will be raving about your wedding if they are well fed and impressed by the layout.

5. Entertainment (splurge on creativity!) – a talented MC and DJ will really keep your reception running smoothly and ensure all your favourite tracks get played at just the right moments. A live performance also adds so much atmosphere to a wedding and will get your guests up and dancing – guaranteed. Lash out and hire that fabulous ten-piece band for an amazing reception.

6. Styling (if you want it to look better than your high school formal) – the look of the space really sets the mood and tone of the wedding. There are so many options now when it comes to furniture, linens and styling. This is where a wedding planner or stylist is invaluable.

Real Wedding of Danielle and James. Kwintowski Photography

7. Lighting – thoughtful lighting is the key to any successful wedding or event. Large LOVE letters are very popular right now as are hanging festoon lights and exposed light bulbs over the table and down the walls – great for that industrial style wedding.

8. Linens and tableware – a simple yet effective way to jazz up your tables. Charger plates or base plates can add some colour and dimension to your setting, while linens come in a variety of colours, textures and patterns. It is important to always use a floor length linen on your tables.  Be creative with your napkins too – a napkin treatment can really enhance the look of the tables.

9. Chairs – We have a chair obsession here at white+white. We really believe a good chair can make a space. There are so many options now – it is the perfect way to enhance your reception.

10. Florals – nothing can surpass the beauty, elegance and spectacular qualities that luscious flowers and crisp greenery can add to a wedding. An abundance of scented flowers also adds a gorgeous aroma to the air that extends the feelings of love to guests.

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