10 ways to avoid being a bride from hell


Bridezillas beware! White frocks and perfect make-up can’t hide the forked tails and hideous horns of a bride from hell – the only way to keep the monster at bay is to chill out, have fun, remember the real reasons for a wedding … and BE NICE! In other words, just follow our advice …

RULE 1. – Don’t forget you’re not the only person getting married.

Believe it or not, your fiancé has a role in the wedding as well! Don’t be a nightmare bride and exclude him from making decisions for an event which is just as much his day as it is yours. Be sure the two of you organise your wedding the way you intend to approach married life … together.

RULE 2. – Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Does it really matter if your napkins aren’t the perfect shade of blush pink? Or that the paper you’ve chosen for your invitations is only available in ivory and not cream? These are the sort of things you definitely don’t want to lose sleep over. Trust us, no one will ever notice such trifles … but a stressed-out bride who sulks or screams is a lot harder to forget.

RULE 3. – Don’t let frock fiascos take a toll on your relationships with your bridesmaids … or their chequebooks!

Anyone who’s ever been a bridesmaid knows that the honour can come with a hefty price tag, so if your bridesmaids have to a) take out a loan, b) work at a second job or c) live off baked beans on toast for a year, just to pay for a dress that will never see the light of day again, maybe it’s time for a reality check. There are always other options you can offer to suit their financial realities and your personal wishes – and if your most fervent wedding desire involves a bridesmaids’ ensemble that is simply out of their price range, then you’re just going to have to change the plan, make sacrifices in your own budget in order to fund it yourself … or face a mass walk-out. One last point: don’t just make their outfits affordable – they also need to be nice. No-one wants to look like a psycho-Cinderella – and then be forced to pay big bucks for the humiliation of wearing it in public!

RULE 4. – Don’t stress about the weather.

Of all things wedding-related, this really is one area you have no control over. Queensland brides-to-be know that the weather in our state can change as often as Kim & Kayne make the headlines – but there’s nothing anyone can do about it, so just relax! If you’re planning an outside ceremony or reception, play it safe and have a Plan B up your sleeve. And look on the bright side: wedding photos often look even more fabulous when conditions are cloudy and overcast.

RULE 5. – Don’t be a drama queen/wedding Nazi.

Think about how you want to be remembered when it comes to your wedding: A vision in white, relaxed and happy as you mingle with your guests; sanity, sense of humour and all relationships intact? Or a rampaging control freak and tightly-wound neurotic mess, husky-voiced from barking orders for all those months as you embarked on your quest for the “perfect” wedding? If the words “anal” and “retentive” are used in the same sentence as your name on a regular and ever-increasing basis, or if people quake in fear whenever you approach, it’s time to reassess your approach to this whole wedding thing.

RULE 6. – Don’t forget your guests.

You may be the star attraction, but your wedding is not all about you. This is an opportunity to honour your nearest and dearest, who have come together to help celebrate this special time in your life because they care for you … so be sure your organisational efforts show how much you care for them, too. There’s nothing worse than a wedding budget that spares no expense when it comes to the bride – dress, shoes, jewellery, stylists, and a top photographer to capture her magnificence etc – and leaves little for the stylish nourishment and entertainment of guests.

RULE 7. – Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’.

Before, during and after the day itself, this is a bride’s most important task. So many people will contribute so much to your wedding – be it their time, expertise or money – and nothing will earn you the title of “bride from hell” faster than neglecting to thank these friends, family members or indeed paid wedding professionals for all their efforts.

RULE 8. – Don’t make your wedding plans a drag.

As every bride will tell you, your actual wedding day will go by in a happy blur, so you better make sure that you have some fun planning the day as well! You’ll really remember this experience, so make sure it’s full of friends and family, special moments and lots of laughs. Don’t lose your sense of humour, and always remember: not everyone’s going to be as interested in your big day as you are! Whatever you do, don’t bore your family, friends and colleagues with endless discussions about roses and receptions – and never use the office as wedding central.

RULE 9. – Don’t drink too much.

The excitement of your big day finally arriving; being the centre of attention; the relief that comes as soon as you’ve said “I do”; catching up with all your friends and family … there’s usually enough going on at a wedding for a bride to be completely high on life without having to resort to excessive alcoholic stimulation. Enjoy some celebratory bubbles, by all means, but don’t approach this oh-so-special day like it’s the first day of Schoolies’ Week. Take it from us: bride + too much plonk = a honeymoon hangover and tragic wedding photos … not a good look!

RULE 10. – Don’t forget that your marriage is more important than your wedding.

Enough said! We wish you all the best for a beautiful wedding day and a long, happy marriage.

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