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11 reasons to have a Redcliffe wedding


You might be tempted to head straight to the city for your Brisbane wedding, but we’ve got a new plan for you: heading East. Redcliffe has been a suburb to watch for a while now, giving the inner-city ‘burbs a run for their money as a wedding location. The Golden Ox is at the forefront of this “Redcliffe Renaissance” – here are 11 reasons why:

1. It’s only moments from the beach

Riverside photos may the norm in Brisbane, but in Redcliffe you can expect aquamarine waters gently lapping at the shore. The award-winning Golden Ox is only seconds away from the beach (how’s that for location?) and the views of the water provide a picturesque backdrop for capturing photographic memories.


2. Everything you need is in one location

At the Golden Ox, everything you need on your wedding day is there at one all-inclusive location. There are picturesque gardens for your ceremony, modern reception rooms for an event to remember, and even an in-house wedding planner to ensure your day is stress-free and organised to a “T”. And whether you’re opting for an intimate wedding or a more elaborate affair, The Golden Ox offers a multitude of all-in-one packages. The team can negotiate a package that suits all your needs. And we mean all of your needs.


3. All the quality, without the price tag

The Golden Ox has been the recipient of many awards recognising its passion for great service, attention to detail and scrumptious feasts. It offers a five-star experience, but with a price tag that’s far more reasonable. The Golden Ox keeps things affordable, ensuring you can have all the trimmings you’ve ever dreamed of, without blowing your wedding budget out of the water.


4. Delicious food

If you’re after innovative food that makes your guests eagerly tuck in for seconds (and thirds!), take a quick peek at The Golden Ox’s menu: Tandoori chicken tenderloins with coriander mint raita; roast duck and cucumber sushi rolls; and beef fillet skewers marinated in a delectable chimichurri salsa. And that’s just the canapés. Take a look at dinner and dessert, and your mouth will be watering in moments.


5. It’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle

In Redcliffe, it’s all about seclusion and serenity. As well as the gorgeous coastline, The Golden Ox takes beautiful advantage of the endless greenery and vibrant florals that provide a gorgeous canvas for an outdoor ceremony. Its secluded gardens provide the most beautiful private oasis for a wedding ceremony… amongst other things.


6. Incredible photographic opportunities

And what are those other things, you ask? Amazing spaces for photographs! The Golden Ox’s gardens provide picturesque spots for gorgeous photos, or you can wander down to the beach for shots by the seashore. Both options are beloved by couples and whether you choose land or sea, as the sun sets, you’re destined for snaps you’ll adore.


7. That family touch

What more could you want: lovely personal service, from people who are passionate about hospitality in its purest form. The Golden Ox takes this and goes one step further – the business is actually owned by duo Nick and Virginia Tzimas, who are passionate about working in hospitality and have been providing couples and diners with lauded service for a long time. Add to that a talented team (including wedding planner, Lauren), and you’ve got the recipe for greatness. As Nick says, the team is like “one big happy family!”


8. Modern touches for a modern location

Reflecting the “Redcliffe Renaissance”, The Golden Ox has recently refurbished its reception rooms to suit the stylish, modern aesthetic of the entire venue, which pairs beautifully with the gardens outside. It’s all part of what Nick says is a dedication to reinvention. “We’re dedicated to staying relevant and evolving throughout the 21st century,” he says. You’ll be treated to polished parquetry dance floors, state-of-the-art lighting and backlit marble, with neutral hues to suit your wedding theme, whatever it may be.


9. One-on-one service

Hands up if you’ve ever gotten frustrated at how many people you have to deal with to get one job done – and a different person every day? If you’re raising both hands and your feet too, here’s some news to put a smile on your face: Redcliffe is all about the one-on-one approach. When we asked Nick about The Golden Ox’s approach to this, his smile said it all. “When you’re planning a wedding here, you talk to the same person, every time,” he says. There’s no need to explain your situation over and over again to a different person each time you phone (evoking memories of calls to your internet provider, which are never fond memories). Instead, wedding planner Lauren will know your big day inside and out. Why? Because she’s working directly with you to create the wedding of your dreams. That’s service.


10. You can make a weekend of it

The wedding weekend is surging in popularity, and for good reason – endless festivities are just so much fun. Redcliffe has plenty of premium accommodation around, perfect for housing your guests without a CBD price tag. It’s perfect for an easy wedding, and your guests will thank you, too.


11. It’s a family-friendly location

Bring the kids and don’t feel guilty! Redcliffe has long been renowned for its family-lovin’ vibe, which you can see on any weekend stroll around the beautiful Redcliffe lagoon. The Golden Ox is on board with this too, so if you’re after a kid-friendly wedding, you’re at the right spot. The Golden Ox is particularly proud of its family-friendly ethos, even providing child-friendly packages that will tempt little ones’ appetites and keep them entertained all night long. Dinner, dessert and a colouring pack – happy children sorted!


The Golden Ox is an award-winning restaurant and function centre, perfect for a Redcliffe wedding.
Find out more and visit their website.

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