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3 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Band for the Groom


For men, choosing a wedding band can seem a daunting task and it’s hard to know where to start. We chat with local jeweller Dora, specialists in men’s wedding rings. They share three simple tips when it comes to choosing men’s wedding bands to make the process super easy.

1. Plan Ahead

A men’s wedding band is not an item that you can usually buy off the shelf. Rings will usually need to be custom-fitted, so be sure to allow three to four weeks for it to be made.

2. Take Note Of The Design

Try on a variety of rings and see which design you find most comfortable. The shape and width of a ring can make a big difference to how it sits on your finger and how comfortable it feels.

All Dora rings are made with a comfort fit (a slight curve on the inside band of the ring) – it makes a difference, trust us.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

Ask yourself, will you be wearing your ring everyday? If the answer is yes, take your daily activities into consideration. Does your job require manual labour? Do you play sport or lift weights? This will help jewellers understand what particular metal is right for your lifestyle.

Dora understand that a wedding band is for life, knowing it should stand the test of time. They specialise in men’s wedding rings and have been helping grooms get it right since 1994.

Find a Dora men’s wedding band to suit your budget today.

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