5 Reasons You’ll Love A Wedding At Cloudland


If you’re looking to add that magical sparkle to ensure your special day is a timeless affair, then look no further because Cloudland is the setting for you. With their luxurious interiors and unique stylings, you and your guests will be uplifted into a world of glamour and elegance. Here’s our top five reasons you’ll a wedding at Cloudland:

Wedding photography

1. Amazing Photo Opportunities

Well known for being a spectacular location, Cloudland is as picturesque inside as it is out. From the moment you step foot in the doors you’re surrounded by lush green plants climbing the interior walls, sparkling waterfalls trickling down behind the spiral staircases and intricate crystal finishings that make this location so unique and opulent. Not only do these beautiful features impress your guests but they provide stunning backdrops for you to take unforgettable photos throughout your wedding day.

A wedding at Cloudland

Wedding of Eliza and Richard. Nick Evans Photography

2. Impeccable Service

Cloudland has a qualified, professional events team that ensure your day runs smoothly. Their mouthwatering catering, specialised cocktails makers and excellent service are the perfect combination for a celebrations. They also extend the venue hours before and after the wedding so you can continue to enjoy the night as long as your still standing.

Wedding reception

3. Value for Money

The three wedding packages provided are all inclusive, meaning your wedding coordinator, styling, food and beverages, world class AV system operations are all apart of the initial price – it’s incredible value for money.  The added bonus? You won’t get any unexpected fees along the way. Couples also have the option of tailor-making a custom package with Cloudland’s experienced Wedding Executive which guarantees that your wedding will reflect who you are as a couple.

4. Diversity

Cloundland offers is its diverse choice of rooms and ceremony spaces – a stand out feature of the venue. Each of the five rooms have a unique theme and create a different atmosphere for your nuptials. Whether you’re seeking glamour, old world opulence or a decadent sophisticated space, you’ll be spoilt with the selections available to you.

Experience world-class food at Cloudland

5. World-Class Food

Their newly launched Pan-Asian-inspired menu is guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds. Executive Chef, Jane-Therese Mulry brings her invaluable experience gained from working around the world in top hotels and restaurants to Cloudland. “Cloudland is theatrical and I want to put that on a plate to reflect the unique personality of the amazing venue,” Mulry said.

Think you’d love to have your wedding at Cloudland? Visit their website to discover more. 

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