6 Fun Ideas For After The Wedding


The celebrations are well and truly over… the wedding day was over in a flash and  you’re back from the honeymoon and left to wonder where the time went. Beat the bridal blues with these fun ideas for after the wedding.


Wedding of Kaitlyn & Callum. Jess Jackson Photographer

1. Share The Love

After the wedding day why not consider donating aspects of your big day? Kaitlyn and Callum‘s wedding planner Rachael of The Events Lounge arranged to donate their flowers to a local nursing home.

2. Preserve The Moment

If you want to preserve your bouquet after the wedding, professional flower preservation is the way to go. Presented in a beautiful glass case with other significant items, it will take pride of place alongside your wedding photo.

3. Gown Love

Give your gown a new lease of life after the wedding by customising it to a cocktail length so you can wear it again. Or, talk to your photographer about a sophisticated take on “trash the dress”.

4. Mini Moon

Not everyone has the time or budget for a month-long European sojourn as their honeymoon. Consider close-to-home locations and look for package details which might involve a shorter stay but remain luxe when it comes to accommodation and extras. Check out the divine collection of accommodation perfect for a romantic getaway on HolidaysForCouples.

5. The Parent Album

After the wedding, ask your photographer about this customised thank-you treat for mum and dad, full of all the shots you know they’ll love.


Wedding of Amy and Josh. Photo: White Images

6. The Reunion Episode

Host a dinner party or brunch for the key players in your big day… one year after the wedding. It’s a great way to see everyone again and reflect on the year that was. You’ll be surprised at how much can happen to everyone in those 12 months. New houses, new hook ups, new jobs, new additions to the family!

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