Kids at weddings.

8 tips for working with kids in your bridal party

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Having kids in your bridal party? Here are 8 tips for working with the smallest members of your bridal party – and how to keep them happy! 

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  1. Make sure they attend the rehearsal and have a practice walk down the aisle, so they don’t freak out when it’s go-time on the big day. Praise them, and give them a special gift, just as you would the rest of your wedding party.
  2. Afternoon or evening wedding? Make sure they take a nap. No one wants a cranky child.
  3. Take some photos with them before the ceremony – there’s no guarantee they’ll look this good later!
  4. Feed them! Give kids a snack before and after the wedding ceremony. Choose wisely: foods that will make a mess or stain clothing are not your friends.
  5. Other pre-wedding musts: go over directions, double-check them for any stains and make sure they go to the bathroom (or run the risk of a very amusing cross-legged walk down the aisle!).
  6. Having a ring bearer? Have fake rings! Give the real ones to the best man, just in case.
  7. Let your flower girl and ring bearer sit in the front row (with a parent or grandparent) during the ceremony, then let them rejoin the party during the processional.
  8. Prep parents so they’re ready to scoop up their child if they decide the wedding is a brilliant place to throw a hissy fit.

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