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Behind the Lens: Wendy Maley


Get to know Wendy Maley of Wendy Maley Photography…

I love weddings.They are filled with emotion. From getting ready, to the bride and groom’s first dance, I love every moment. My style is a mix of contemporary and creative. I love (warning, cliché ahead) capturing moments. Moments are awesome, and weddings are filled with them, yay! Proud dads, beaming brides, crying grooms – weddings have the lot and more, and they all make me so delighted to be a part of someone’s special day. It’s not my job to capture these moments, it’s my pleasure. It’s your story; I am there to tell it in pictures.

Why I love this photo…

Apart from the perfect light, is there anything better a photographer could hope for than a groom gazing adoringly at his new bride? This shot is why I love weddings.



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– QB x

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