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Behind the Lens with Andrew from Porfyri Photography


We spend five minutes with Andrew from Porfyri Photography.

About Andrew

With more than 15 years in the industry, there’s not much Andrew Porfyri from Porfyri Photography hasn’t done when it comes to photography – as reflected in his Master of Photography II award from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. But, luckily for the brides of Queensland, what he really loves is capturing weddings.


QB: What made you want to be a wedding photographer?

Andrew: “My passion is documentary photography, and weddings allow me to do just that: document a couple’s most precious day. I also love being part of a day that intertwines people from different backgrounds and cultures.”

QB: What new trends in wedding photos are Queensland brides starting to adopt?

Andrew: “There are two extremes that I’m seeing. Many couples are adopting a laid-back barn or outback-style wedding which is understated and gives everyone freedom to let loose, party hard and share the love. At the other end of the spectrum there’s the totally ‘styled’ wedding, which is elegant and completely themed. Some brides are also introducing a ‘Please leave your iPhone at home’ policy, so photos of their wedding aren’t posted instantly, and guests can really be present and take in special moments – and not get in the way of the hired, professional wedding photographer!”

QB: What do brides never do or bring on the day – but should?

Andrew: “They should have a hearty breakfast and snack throughout the day to minimise feeling exhausted by the festivities. Flat shoes for the bride and her bridesmaids are also a must at the end of the day.”

QB: What help can you give a bride who’s nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera?

Andrew: “We offer our couples a pre-wedding photoshoot, to give them a practice run.This helps iron out any photography jitters (which are very common), and shows how the photographic process will unfold on their wedding day. It also creates a bond between the couple and me, so on the day I’m more like a friend taking photos.”

QB: Any wedding photo horror stories?

Andrew: “Thankfully, I’ve only ever experienced small mishaps like a suit being a little tight or a bridesmaid zipper issue.”

QB: Which celeb wedding, past or future, do you wish you’d photographed?

Andrew: “Mick Jagger.You never know, I still might!”

QB: What’s your favourite moment to capture at a wedding?

Andrew: “The father of the bride dancing with his daughter.”


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