Wedding Photography

A collection of seriously great wedding pics of adorable kids


Just a quick note to all couples – if kids are coming to your big day, be ready to be upstaged. These adorably gorgeous photos, from some of Queensland’s top wedding photographers, are all the evidence you need. Prepare to gush!

“A child’s eyes can say so much! Watching little girls gazing at the bride – most probably thinking, ‘she’s a real princess’ – is lovely to capture.” Andrew Porfyri, Porfyri Photography



”Kids make a great addition to any wedding party. They’re heaps of fun to photograph and always make for some of the best candid shots of your day!” Jaimee, JnS Photographics




“Little people remind us to laugh, enjoy ourselves and really be present in the moment. Photos of family and loved ones are so important and only become more treasure in years to come.” Natalie Lynn, Milque Photography and Films





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