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Choosing Mens Wedding Rings: Things to Consider


So you’ve been planning your wedding for months (perhaps even years!) and the day of your dreams is just around the corner. Are you forgetting a major element though?

With so much going on in the lead up to the big day, and with much of the attention being placed on the bride’s engagement ring and wedding set, choosing mens wedding rings can be left to the last minute. After all, how hard can it be to choose a wedding band for your man, right?

Unfortunately there can be a lot more involved than you first think when choosing mens wedding rings.

When you stop to consider the various metals available – Platinum, Gold and White Gold are a classic choice – as well as the range of wedding ring designs available, it really is best to plan and purchase the groom’s ring sooner rather than later.

Modern metals like Titanium and Tungsten Carbide have become very popular for men’s wedding rings, as they are a lot tougher than precious metals as well as being more cost effective. Men have a habit of putting their rings through a lot more wear and tear than women do, so the tougher metals can be a great choice (especially for tradesmen and other ‘hands on’ professionals!). It’s really important to get your sizing right though, as this collection of metal can’t be resized.

Tip: If you choose to purchase a modern metal ring, it’s helpful to purchase from a store that will offer exchanges as well as a lifetime sizing policy, so that you can exchange it in years to come should your finger change size.


  • Classic metal is easily resized
  • Modern metal is strong with less opportunity to dent, scratch and bend


  • Classic metal is softer allowing for more opportunity to dent, scratch and bend
  • Modern metal is not easily resized

So don’t leave choosing the groom’s wedding ring to the last minute. Start shopping with Mens Rings Online early and ensure that your groom has a ring that he will love for life!

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