Wedding Photography

Creative wedding photography ideas


Creative wedding photography ideas from Queensland wedding photographers.

Wedding photographers have a knack for catching the most amazing moments of your day. Whether it’s an emotional ‘I do’, a romantic stolen kiss or an unexpected point of view, the right photographer will know when to snap that scene you’ll cherish forever. And with a few clever tricks up their sleeves, they can also take your big day to the next level with a range of post-production techniques. Here are 16 great examples from our talented wedding photographers.

Wedding photography

1. Wedding of Sarah and Samuel. Say Cheese Photography

Creative wedding photography

2. Wedding of Kristy and David. Studio Impressions Photography

Wedding photography

3. Wedding of Jolene and Aaron. Sterling Studios


4. Wedding of erelyn and Lyke. Porfyri Photography

Bride and groom

5. Wedding of Qinghui and Kevin. Evernew Studio

Bride and groom

6. Wedding of Rebecca and Peter. BWP Studios

Bride and groom

7. Wedding of Annie and Ben. Giddy Up Camera Club

Bride and groom on the beach

8. Wedding of Angela and Brian. Say Cheese Photography

Bride and groom

9. Wedding of Chantelle and Michael. Jess Marks Photography

Bride and groom

10. Wedding of Emma and Dan. Giddy Up Camera Club


11. Wedding of Diana and Wan. Studio Impressions Photography

Bride and groom

12. Wedding of Stephanie and Manka. Studio SW19 Photography

Bride and her bridesmaids

13. Wedding of Kate and Dean. Christopher Thomas Photography

Mother and bride

14. Wedding of Kristie and Jarrod. Christopher Thomas Photography

Bride and groom

15. Wedding of Rachel and George. Porfyri Photography

Bride and groom

16. Wedding Bridget and Brendan. Jess Marks Photography

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