Discover your dream dress to flatter your shape


Whether you’re tall or small, curvy or petite, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding a dress that truly flatters your figure. QB sat down with star designer, Roz la Kelin, to chat about the perfect dress for your shape…

 Illustrations: RAFAEL DE PEÑA


Think broad shoulders and an even hip and bust measurement, with a not-so-defined waist. “Softening the athletic figure is the main aim,” Roz explains. “You can give yourself the appearance of curves by cinching your waist through ruching, pleating or accessories such as belts.” Avoid gowns which expose angular features, or add some interest to a sheath gown with lace or textured fabrics.

Your ideal gown: Sheath, ballgown
Avoid: Dropped waists


The bombshell figurine.You typically have a defined waist, with bust and hip measurements close to equal. “Make the most of your smallest feature – your waist,” Roz advises.You’re virtually spoiled for choice when it comes to your gown, but be sure to keep any design features toned down. “My suggestion would be to choose one or two of your favourite trends and showcase them,” says Roz.

Your ideal gown: Ballgown, mermaid
Avoid: Empire waists


Your hips are normally wider than your bust, with a defined waist to tie it all together. “Balance is important for this figure,” says Roz. “Depending on the bride’s fashion choice, it’s either about camouflaging the lower body, or narrowing the lower body to balance with the bodice.” Or, embrace your shape with a figure-hugging gown, complete with sultry low back.

Your ideal gown: Empire waists, A-line
Avoid: Sheath


Girls with a bit of softness around the tummy are generally in the apple- shaped realm. “Most apple-shaped women have great legs, so choose styles that are slimmer in silhouette to emphasise this asset,” says Roz. Adorn your waist with a glittery, jewelled waistband or fabric appliqué. Choose fabrics that drape around the waist, wrapping around. Or, choose a silhouette which draws attention to your smallest point.

Your ideal gown: Empire waists, A-line
Avoid: Mermaid

Not sure which shape you fit? Go for fit and flare. It’s balanced and emphasises all your best features, suiting every body shape.

– QB x

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