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How a 3D printer can help create your dream engagement ring


Let’s face it, picking an engagement ring is kind of a big deal. If you like things a certain way but need help to share your vision, there’s some good news.

Think 3D printers are just for architects and engineers? Think again. At Clayfield Jewellery these mind-blowing machines are used to help customise the perfect engagement ring and see it come together before your own eyes. We asked the team at Clayfield Jewellery to explain the 3D process and how it can help you create your dream engagement ring.

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What exactly does the 3D process involve?

You’ll work with our experienced staff who use our Matrix and Counter Sketch CAD (computer aided design) software to design your piece digitally. The Counter Sketch software is very intuitive and allows you to make changes quickly and experiment with different options. Maybe you love the setting you’ve chosen but want to see different options for the band; it’s as easy as a click of a button for us to show you the different options.

Once you’re happy with the digital design, we can 3D print your piece within 2 hours for you to try on and adjust before we send the wax model to casting. Your design will be cast in the metal of your choosing, and then finished and set in our on-site jewellery workshop.

How does this technology help clients create their dream engagement ring?

New 3D printing capabilities and design software mean customers have the opportunity to create their piece in store and try it on before final casting takes place. It’s a great way to ensure that clients know exactly what the end design will look and feel like.

It’s exciting to see Clayfield Jewellery embracing this new technology. Have we got you thinking about 3D engagement ring design?

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