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Grooms! Get you insider intel from Elio Marzullo @ Elio Moda


In the third part of our feature on men’s trends, we chat to Elio Marzullo from Elio Moda to get the lowdown on the latest in grooms’ fashion. Check out his interview below if you want your man to be aisle-ready.


QB: What’s really popular in grooms’ fashion right now?

“A shift back to old-world styling, with a more formal flavour. We’re seeing a trend back into navy dinner suits, which is a standout from the traditional black, and the revival of cufflinks. Texture in both shirts, bow ties and pocket squares is important, while a patent or high-sheen leather shoe is a must-have finishing touch.”

QB: What trends do you expect to emerge in the coming year?

“They’re becoming very diverse. But we’re definitely seeing grooms look back to romantic, old-world tailoring. It’s a classic look for any wedding.”

QB: Superb tailoring is obviously key to a great suit – is the slimmer silhouette still trending?

“The groom’s body shape dictates the fit required. Slim-fit is the trend now, but it’s not necessarily a must. A well-tailored suit is just that: well-tailored to the individual.”

QB: Are most of the grooms you see still leaning towards formal styling?

“This all depends on one thing: location, location, location! Whether the wedding is a casual event on a beach, or whether it’s a black-tie, sit-down formal affair will obviously have a major effect on what the groom (and of course the bride) wears. At Elio Moda we still believe that wedding photos should be treated seriously, as they will last a lifetime. Therefore we recommend to our grooms that there should be some kind of nod to formal styling. If not this day, then when? The bride will always shine bright like a diamond, so the groom should make an effort too!”

QB: What are your tips for looking polished during the entire wedding?

“Keep smiling: cameras are everywhere.”

QB: Who’s the one celebrity you’d most like to dress?

“David Bowie. He was the king of style, and the master of evolution.”

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