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How to style an elegant wedding


Elegance is in order for weddings in 2016, so we figured it was high time to discuss just what takes a wedding from lacklustre to luxurious. And what’s more synonymous with opulence than Versace? We had a chat with the team at Palazzo Versace to see how the experts create a wedding that’s about style, class and endless elegance.


1. Florals

Taking your floral arrangements to new heights – using the most show-stopping blooms, of course – is an easy way to add a dose of luxury to your wedding. Ensure the blooms do suit you and your partner, but otherwise, you can go with cascading bouquets, lavish centrepieces and floral walls around the venue. “We have a team of extraordinary in-house florists, who design amazing floral masterpieces to suit our beautiful brides and grooms,” says Jasmine from Palazzo Versace.



2. Entertainment

“Entertainment is a must!” says Jasmine. And we’re in one mind about this – from your string quartet to your live reception band, it’s important to catch the right note for your wedding day. Think classic, though don’t forget to choose music which will have your guests dancing when the time is right. “We have plenty of fabulous entertainers on hand, offering a fantastic variety of artists and genres.”



3. Bespoke menus

Gone is your typical chicken-or-beef menu. If you want elegance, sit down with your venue’s chef and create a feast which your guests will remember (and love you for). “At Palazzo Versace, our award-winning chefs can create custom menus to suit the bride and groom,” says Jasmine. “In fact, last week our head chef in Vanities created a menu based on beautiful memories the couple had shared – and even featured their favourite dessert, which they discovered while holidaying in Hawaii.”



4. Fabulous photography locations

To keep the luxe going even after the wedding day, choose eye-catching locations for your official photographs – you’ll be looking at these for years to come. Bonus points for choosing something a little classic, a little lavish, and a whole lot of beautiful. Take your cues from tales as old as time, and embrace your inner princess when searching for your location… you might just find your own fairytale castle. “Palazzo Versace is a vision of a European palace,” says Jasmine.



5. Chic styling pieces

As your guests enter the reception venue, you’ll want them to be wowed – and the best way to do this is through your styling. We’ve already mentioned florals, but every detail counts: quality linen, precise settings, chandeliers, and every last detail just so. Your reception venue will, likely, provide the furniture for your special day, so before you rush out and hire anything, see if their style suits your look. We’re in love with Tiffany chairs, for example, and at Palazzo Versace they’re included in wedding packages, free of charge. That’s one style statement sorted!



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