How To Make Wedding Stationery Work For You


As the movement towards dreamy, feminine and utterly whimsical wedding details gathers momentum, the focus turns to stationery and the profound sense of style which can be created using some humble pieces of card.

The all-important first impression of your big day – your wedding invitation. A carefully designed combination of typography, stock, colours and details, your wedding invitation is not only a visual masterpiece which communicates the definitive mood of your big day, but the source of all your vital logistical information – a pretty important element for guests! The ‘new romance’ movement is one that has extended to a raft of wedding elements including stationery, which is seeing a return to traditional prettiness like lace, calligraphy, foil and monograms as well as the modern interpretation – florals, pearlised touches and illustrations are equally as enamouring.

QB chats with two of Queensland’s leading stationery designers, Rebecca Gimpel of Lovestruck Invitations and Rebecca Yit of Urban Weddings, to discuss this return to romance which is taking the stationery world by storm, and how to make it work for you.

It seems weddings have taken a particularly romantic turn of late – which utterly romantic details are we seeing appear on stationery?

Rebecca, Lovestruck Invitations: Effortless elegance seems to be just the inspiration that the modern bride desires. She wants her wedding stationery to look amazing, but without becoming intrinsically complicated! Soft and flowing flourishes, subtle sparkles and shimmers composed with carefully-crafted typography are imperative for setting a romantic mood in your wedding stationery.

Rebecca, Urban Weddings: I’m seeing a lot of illustrations. Every couple is different, which is why an individual sketch or painted artwork is very special.At the moment florals and soft watercolours are also very popular in very muted shades, combined with textured stocks.

Handwritten calligraphy is big – what are your favourite stationery items to see it incorporated into?

Rebecca, Lovestruck Invitations: There are community classes everywhere at the moment for learning the (not-so-lost) art of handwritten calligraphy. By personalising each of your guests’ names onto their envelopes with handwritten calligraphy you really set the scene for traditional romance and elegance. Remember that you can experiment with colour too – gold calligraphy especially exudes elegance.

Rebecca, Urban Weddings: I like to see consistency through a suite, so for example, I like the idea of whole suites with calligraphy. I have to say though, I am particularly fond of place cards/menus, headings on seating plans, welcome signs, thank you cards and bonbonierre packaging featuring calligraphy.This teamed with watercolours produces the softest, most romantic result.

Are there any tactile romantic elements which are trending at the moment? (i.e. lace, tulle, rope, etc.)

Rebecca, Lovestruck Invitations: Gold spray paint is your new best friend! Acquire a couple of bottles, summon the inner-artist within and start experimenting! A really cool technique to apply to your wedding stationery is to stack all of your invitations together tightly, and lightly spray the edges for a subtle but unmissable finishing touch.

Rebecca, Urban Weddings: Incorporating materials with a natural feel to them seems to be all the rage at the moment. I’m currently using jute and cotton twine, as well as feathers. Letterpress, embossed and foiled paper are also very popular.

What’s a really simple, cost-effective way for a couple to add some romance to their stationery?

Rebecca, Lovestruck Invitations: A way to add your own unique touch is by wrapping simple features like twine or lace to your stationery.This little bit of extra effort is inexpensive and not too complex, which will instantly create a tactile and memorable experiences for your invitees. Feathers are a very wistful touch, especially if you have spent time with your fiancé gathering them from around your local area!

Rebecca, Urban Weddings: You need to remember, simplicity is always more. A beautiful romantic invitation doesn’t need to be over the top and have lots of embellishments. I would say go for simple stationery, but stick to beautiful soft and feminine colours, which create that romantic feel

What’s your 2015 trend forecast for wedding stationery?

Rebecca, Lovestruck Invitations: Aside from seeing so many modern- day romantics, we are also loving our bold brides! These unique women (and their partners) are re-defining the romantic style of yesteryear. Think gold flourishes, magenta pops and accents of living green!

Rebecca, Urban Weddings: I would say letterpress will continue to grow in popularity along with very individual and unique elements, including illustrations. I also have found that couples are steering away from embellished stationery to beautiful hand drawn and produced artwork.

Top Tip

Looking to make your wedding invitations just that little bit more ‘you’? The pattern from the lace on your gown, a family monogram or favourite love-filled quote are perfect elements to add to your romantic suite.

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