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Men’s trends with Grant Williams @ Roger David


In the second part of our feature on men’s trends, we chat to Grant Williams from Roger David to get the lowdown on the latest in grooms’ fashion.


QB: What’s really popular in grooms’ fashion right now?

“Mismatching seems to be coming through quite strong, which – unfortunately – can go either way when it comes to looking sharp on the day! Styling that’s more casual also seems to be quite popular here in Australia, obviously due to the climate, however again this can go either way. A great way to achieve a casual look is to go English Heritage – it’s casual-meets-timeless elegance.”

QB: What trends do you expect to emerge in the coming year?

“English Heritage (tweeds, herringbones, paisleys), especially in charcoal; navy suiting (navy is the new black); beautifully detailed and contrasting lining; and three-piece suiting (which never really went out of style).”

QB: Superb tailoring is obviously key to a great suit – is the slimmer silhouette still trending?

“The slimmer silhouette is still a very strong trend, however it’s not the be-all and end-all. A beautifully tailored suit that fits to perfection is what matters most on the day.”

QB: Are most of the grooms you see still leaning towards formal styling?

“I’ve observed an even mix of both formal and casual – it all depends on the setting of the wedding, what complements the bride and the personalities on the day.”

QB: What are your tips for looking polished during the entire wedding?

“Always have a spare, perfectly pressed shirt on hand.”

QB: Who’s the one celebrity you’d most like to dress?



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