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Men’s wedding trends with Georgia Barlow @ Tony Barlow


We caught up with Georgia Barlow from iconic Australian brand, Tony Barlow to get the lowdown on men’s wedding trends.

QB: What’s really popular in grooms’ fashion right now?

“It’s pretty obvious the navy suit is having its moment in the limelight. There are so many different shades of blue, from the darker French navy for a more formal wedding, to lighter blues for outdoor or destination weddings. We’re finding men love a lounge suit, dressed up with funky bow ties and pocket squares. And bowties can be velvet, crochet or patterns like subtle paisley, stripes and tartan.”

QB: What trends do you expect to emerge in the coming year?

“It’s great to see men being more adventurous and fashion-forward. Like navy or grey tuxedos instead of the traditional black for a formal wedding, or a well-tailored lounge suit with bold coloured accessories for an outdoor or destination wedding. There’s also a strong trend starting for the 1920s era (think The Great Gatsby), but accessorised in a modern way. Choosing a waistcoat in a different colour and pattern to the suit is another option. It breaks up colour blocking, giving a more fashion-forward look.”

QB: Is the slim silhouette still trending?

“So glad you asked this question! There’s a big difference between a slim-fit suit and one that looks like it’s going to rip at any given moment. A suit should, first and foremost, complement the body. Be sure to fit the shoulders first, and allow enough room in the thigh area for sitting down. You don’t want any accidents while busting a move on the dance floor!”

QB: Are most of the grooms you see still leaning towards formal styling?

“There’s definitely a tendency towards the less-formal, but we still see grooms who like traditional dinner jackets, morning suits and even tails.”

QB: What are your tips to looking polished during the entire wedding?

“Hang suits up in the bathroom while having a shower, as the steam will relax any creases. Leave the bottom button of a two-button suit undone at all times, and tie a long tie in a double Windsor knot to add formality and avoid the ‘schoolboy’ look!”

QB: Who’s the one celebrity you’d most like to dress?

“The one and only Paul Newman.”

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