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Our favourite romantic wedding photos – ever


If there’s any time that romance is front and centre, it’s a wedding. And it’s understandable – what other time are you so fully celebrating the love you and your partner share, in the company of those who also love you? Truthfully, we find plenty of inspiration in your real wedding photos, where we get a glimpse at the love our brides and grooms share for one another. The romance is palpable, the euphoria contagious, and the beauty simply divine.

So for Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing the love with this showcase of our five favourite romantic wedding photos. It’s romance in the little ways – the ways you love each other when no one is watching, when you look into one another’s eyes and feel the rest of the world slipping away. Which one’s your favourite?

1. Annie-Rose and Thomas

Why we love: The natural embrace and that gorgeous kiss on her head – the love between this pair is so clear, especially when you see Annie-Rose’s smile of pure joy.


Edwina Robertson Photography

2. Jo and Jim

Why we love: The romance in this entire wedding is so apparent, we were hard pressed to narrow it down to just one photo. We fell in love with this photograph, however, because it reminds us of one word: cherish. This is a pair of newlyweds who truly cherish one another and their relationship.


Tricia King Photography

3. Courtney and Stewart

Why we love: Remember all those classic films where the gorgeous man picks his leading lady up, twirling her around joyously? We can see that exact scene playing out here, but these two only have eyes for each other. Romance, plus.


Danielle D’Arcy Photography

4. Libby and Anthony

Why we love: The happiness and love is everywhere in this photograph – it’s a bride who is so content to be married to her sweetheart, and a groom who knows nothing is better than having her in his embrace. Romance doesn’t have to be Eiffel Towers and long-stemmed roses (though we won’t say no to that!) – romance, really, is in the little moments like this.


Lucas and Co Photography

5. Stephanie and Nathan

Why we love: The couple taking a moment away to bask in their love, away from the crowds, only with one another. It reminds us of the whispered words between a pair of lovers, the little secrets only they share. We love dreaming of the life a couple has built together, and the romance these two have built into their own life is so tangible here.


Trent Daft Photography

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