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Queensland Brides goes behind the lens with Andrew Porfyri of Porfyri Photography.

Porfyri Photography

Studio: Porfyri Photography

Photographer: Andrew Porfyri

The Couple: Petria and Geoffrey

Location: Greek Orthodox Church and Customs House

“There was a feeling of coming full circle with this wedding as I had actually photographed the bride Petria when she was a teenager. She came into the studio with her sister for a portrait session so it was truly amazing to photograph her as she entered another stage of her life. Seeing her in her wedding dress was quite a surreal moment for me. Petria and her partner Geoffrey live in Sydney now so they flew up for their wedding, to be surrounded by family and friends. I was touched that she remembered my work, loved the style and wanted it for her special day. Her father has been my personal GP since I can remember and he is someone I admire greatly so it was an honour to be invited to shoot the day.

The couple were lost in their own world for most of the day, very much in love and very composed. Geoffrey comes from an English background and you could see that the Greek aspects of the day were sometimes eye-opening for him. But both families made such a big effort to welcome each other and many of the speeches talked about the marriage of more than two individuals, but it was a marriage of two loving families which was a beautiful thing to celebrate.

One of my favourite moments was when I asked them to walk along the boardwalk outside Customs House by themselves and finally have a moment alone with each other. I had my zoom lens and captured all the little emotional and affectionate moments that they shared in that walk.”

Poryfyri Photography

Porfyri Photography

Porfyri Photography


Bride and groom

Bride and groom

Bridal party

Bride and groom

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