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Photographer Real Wedding: Wendy Maley Photography – Penny & Mark


Wendy Maley Photography shares with QB a recent wedding they attended and why they loved photographing it! …

Photography Studio: Wendy Maley Photography

Photographer: Wendy Maley

The Couple: Penny & Mark

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When bride Penny contacted me only a couple of months before their semi-rural October wedding, things just clicked. Miraculously I was available, and our slightly quirky, laid back personalities just fit really well together (after a two hour spontaneous lunch meeting). Penny and Mark are fun, and I couldn’t wait to shoot their DIY spring carnival wedding! Complete with paper bouquet and Converse shoes, this wedding just did it for me. The entire day was a pleasure to experience, and the love and joy of their family and friends was evident as they enjoyed drinks, games and a good ol’ chin wag as the afternoon wore on. Thank you Penny and Mark, you made my job an absolute pleasure!









-QB x

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