How to (politely) tell your guests about your gift wishes


Done with organising your registry? Awesome. Now’s the (next) tricky part – telling your guests.

Whether going with a traditional store-based registry or an online option, most companies will give you insert cards to fill in with all the relevant details and include with your invitations. Asking friends and family for gifts can be a bit of a difficult task, so choose your words wisely.

Some handy suggestions…

A classic go-to:

“For your convenience we have arranged a gift registry at (INSERT DETAILS HERE). Please do not feel obliged to choose from it – our suggestions should be used as a guide and your presence is the greatest gift of all.”

For the couple with a honeyfund:

“We’ve already set up our home but we would love if you could help give us an unforgettable honeymoon. Your gift would be an appreciated contribution to creating a lifelong memory that will start our lives together as husband and wife.”

For the couple with a ‘wishing well’:

“Your company is the greatest gift of all, but if you would like to honour us with a gift there will be a wishing well at our reception. Your donations and blessings will be gratefully received.”

Need a little more inspiration? Check out our quick and essential guide to the gift registry here.

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