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How To Pull Off A Mismatched Bridal Party


Real bride Katrina dishes on how to pull off the mismatched bridal party of your dreams.

Mismatched bridal party

Wondering how to pull off the look? “Don’t force your bridal party to be perfect,” says Katrina, whose unconventional bridal party was seriously divine. Mixing it up on both sides worked perfectly for the couple, who had three bridesmaids and a bridesman on the bride’s side, and two groomsmaids and a groomsman on the groom’s. “We cherished every photo as the most important people were in them.”

Bride’s Style Notes

Mismatched bridal party

“Try not to control too much of what everyone wears on the day. If it’s important they match, keep the main items like the dress, main jewellery and hair the same or similar. Let them work out their shoes or wear their favourite ring or bracelet. It will make everyone a lot more comfortable on the day and feel like themselves.”

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