QB’s Flavour Guide To Wedding Cakes


As self-confessed cake lovers, the QB team knows a thing or two about the tastiest wedding cakes around. Check out our sweet glossary, plus a few of our favourite flavour combos as some lead-in ideas to discuss with your cake designer.

Sweet Glossary

• Ganache: A sweet, rich chocolate made with cream, somewhere between mousse and fudge.

• Fondant: A sweet, elastic icing made of sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin, giving it a smooth finish.

• Confiture: Preserved or candied fruit, like jam. Praline: A smooth, sweet filling made by boiling nuts in sugar and grinding the mix.

• Pastry cream: A delicate milk and egg-based filling.

• Marzipan: A paste made of almonds, sugar and egg white, mainly used to make edible flowers.

• Champagne cake: A light, frothy cake filled with Bavarian cream and flavoured with bubbly.

• American buttercream: A combination of butter, icing sugar, vanilla, and milk – your standard icing.

• Swiss Meringue buttercream: A meringue- based icing with butter whipped through, prepped over a bain-marie.

• Naked cake: A pared-down design that has no buttercream or fondant to hide those inner layers.


Cake Combos

• Cake: Orange and poppy seed | Filling: White chocolate ganache | Finish: Naked – the poppy seeds are all the decoration you need!

• Cake: Coffee and walnut |  Filling & Finish: Dark chocolate ganache

• Cake: Lemon and lime white chocolate mud | Filling: White chocolate ganache | Finish: Fondant

• Cake: Hazelnut truffle | Filling: Milk chocolate and Frangelico ganache | Finish: White chocolate ganache

Cake: Vanilla bean almond | Filling: Raspberry confiture and white chocolate ganache | Finish: White chocolate and cream cheese icing

Cake: Chocolate almond truffle | Filling: Raspberry confiture | Finish: Dark chocolate ganache with raspberry confiture, covered in dark chocolate ganache

Cake: Dark chocolate, Amaretto and almond fudge | Filling: Salted caramel ganache | Finish: Dark chocolate ganache under fondant

• Cake: Gluten-free vanilla and sour cherry | Filling & Finish: Vanilla Italian meringue buttercream

• Cake: Cherry Ripe | Filling: Praline buttercream | Finish: Swiss meringue buttercream

• Cake: Brown sugar fig meringue | Filling: Toblerone ganache | Finish: American frosting

• Cake: Red velvet | Filling & Finish: Cream cheese frosting

• Cake: Champagne | Filling: Strawberry buttercream | Finish: Champagne buttercream

Cake: Crumbs of Comfort. Florals: Flowerlovers. Chantilly Lace Photography

Cake: Crumbs of Comfort. Florals: Flowerlovers. Chantilly Lace Photography


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