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This Queensland plus-size bride loved her wedding dress – and so do we!


Here at QB, we’re all about body positivity. Whether you’re a size 8 or 28 we 100%, whole-heartedly believe that you should feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day (and every day), but sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge.

For Queensland bride Samantha, finding the perfect wedding dress presented a few issues. “I approached a well-known designer about making me the dress I so desperately wanted, but was told that they only designed for women up to a size 10,” she says on her blog. “I was absolutely heartbroken.”

Just six months away from the big day, Samantha was really starting to stress when she came across our friend Wendy Makin. “Wendy spoke to me about what I wanted and made recommendations on what type of style would suit my shape,” says Samantha. “My first fitting took me completely by surprise – instead of sucking in my tummy and trying to look as skinny as I could, I grinned from ear to ear.”

On the big day, Samantha had a dream team behind her – including Hare’s Hare and makeup artist Amanda Barnard – and looked simply gorgeous. “My dress was exactly what I wanted and I loved how I looked,” says Samantha. “I’m happy to say that every time I look at our wedding photos I smile.”




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