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Real Bride Advice: 12 Beautiful Brides Share Their Tips For A Perfect Day


Let’s get real, wedding planing can feel scary! Listening to opinions, balancing relationships, not to mention making all of those decisions, you’re bound to feel a little stressed. To combat the pre-wedding roller coaster of emotions, twelve brides share their wealth of knowledge they discovered during the process.

Corinne – “We arranged to have Champagne and canapés delivered to a suite at our reception venue. It was a great chance to unwind and discuss the highlights of the day with our wedding party before we went down to the reception.”

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Stephanie reveals her wedding tips

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Stephanie  – “Try your best not to let the opinions of family or friends outweigh yours. Also, I only chose vendors that were friendly and positive as those are the type of people you want on your wedding day.”

Real bride Shelly shares her wedding tips

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Shelly – “Appreciate the lead up just as much as the day. If your groom doesn’t want to help organise don’t take it personally, he is a guy… just give him a say in the important things.”

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Myl – “Take at least a week off before your wedding day. Make sure you sleep early the night before and prepare your speech a week in advance so you can tweak it during the week.”

Real bride advice

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Jessica – “Spend time selecting your suppliers carefully to ensure you are surrounded by people who understand your vision. Be sure to pick a great photographer, they are well worth the money!”

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Amy reveals her bride advice

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Amy – “There are so many trends out there and it can be overwhelming trying to choose. Stick to what you know, be true to your personality as a couple because the little touches will say so much more than the flashy, expensive items.”

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Emily reveals her bride advice

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Emily – “When it all gets too much, have a break. Take a deep breath and remember why you are doing all of this – to marry your best friend and spend the rest of your life together; that’s the best motivation.”

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Anna-Lyse – “Remember your wedding day is also about your families. Make them involved, as they are just as excited as you.They also have thought of this day for a long time and want to make sure it is amazing for their child.”

Real bride Nicole's best wedding advice

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Nicole – “If you can afford it, hire a professional to help.They are worth their weight in gold! We had the lovely ladies from white + white assist with on-the-day coordination and it was the best decision we made.”

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Tahlia's bride advice is practical

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Tahlia – “Book the major things first, a lot of the popular suppliers and venues go quickly! To do lists – I may have planned my whole wedding on my iPhone ‘notes’… it was so handy to have it with me and add things whenever I needed.”

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Odelia shares her bride advice

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Odelia – “Make sure you’re always smiling even if you are nervous!You never know when your photographer is capturing that amazing shot and you want to be smiling for it. And expect the unexpected!”

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