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Real Life Wedding : Brooke + James


This gorgeous couple had the time of their lives at their romantic and dreamy wedding on the Sunshine Coast. James Lapic and Brooke Stjernqvist celebrated their union in style; with stunning vintage decor, an exceptional location and an iconic Kombi van to help them get around in style.

Date:  22nd May 215

Location:  Flaxton  Gardens

Number of Guests:  115

First Dance Song:   Lay Me Down by Sam Smith

Photographer: Raconteur Photography


QB: How did you meet?

James and I met  through mutual friends. What stood out about him from the moment I  met him was his ability to make everyone around him laugh, I  was instantly attracted! We were friends from that point on for about a year, then we started dating.

QB: Tell us about the proposal.

James told me he had purchased a Groupon voucher for a Sunday lunch at Customs House on the Brisbane River. I said, “Okay, sounds good”. After lunch he said, “Let’s get some desert with coffee and sit over there”. The waiter brought out a rather large box and placed it in front of me, James very casually says, “I just got you a little gift”. (keep in mind that James has done this at another occasion in a restaurant where a waiter has brought out a box, and that time there was a Tiffany necklace inside it) so my first words when I saw the box that day was, “You have to stop doing this!”.

Anyway I opened the box and on top was a rather fancy looking typed letter, as I began to read it my heart started racing because I knew that this was the moment. It was a beautiful letter, and at the very bottom of the letter it said please look across the river and as I looked up there was a massive sign being held up at the park below the Story Bridge “BROOKE WILL YOU MARRY ME?” and when I looked back at James he was down on one knee, holding up the most gorgeous ring! It was truly the most amazing, special moment of my life!


QB: What did you do for your hen’s and buck’s?

Hens:  Seven girlfriends and I stayed in an apartment on the Gold Coast for a long weekend. We had tulle skirts made to wear out, all the girls were in black tulle skirts and they had an all-white one made for me, and of course I had to wear the ‘bride-to-be’ sash & crown with fake veil. It was so much fun, I had the best time.

Bucks:  James and his mates spent the weekend over at Stradbroke Island in a big house, I conveniently don’t know many details about that trip.

QB: Why did you choose Flaxton Gardens for your wedding?

After looking at about six different venues, Flaxton Gardens was the first one that both James and I looked at each other with crazy grins on our faces, we both just fell in love with Flaxton Gardens.


QB: What was your key styling inspiration?

I wanted to keep with the vintage winery feel. My bridesmaids and I were all in white, and the grooms and groomsman in light blue, so it felt very fresh. I didn’t want to overdo it. Flaxton Gardens already has so much character that I didn’t feel too many decorations were needed. They supplied us with gorgeous lanterns on the tables, chandeliers around the room and tiffany white chairs. So all I really added was the flowers on the tables, and the draping fairy light curtain.


QB: What did you splurge on and what did you save on for your wedding?

I don’t think we really splurged on too much, we were able to have our wedding at such a beautiful location that we felt we didn’t need to add much to it. We certainly did save on doing as many DIY decorations as possible.

QB: Did you opt to DIY anything for your wedding?

Instead of a guest book, we supplied gold Sharpie pens and pieces of wood for people to write on. We’re going to make a frame to put all of the guests messages in.

QB: What was the funniest moment of the day?

There was some really funny moments throughout the speeches, where our tummy’s literally hurt from laughing so much.


QB: What was the most special memory from the day?

My Dad had pre-arranged for the band to let him play the drums after his speech, while a friend of ours sang. The song was called, ‘I loved her first.’ It was such a beautiful moment, one that will remain with me forever.


QB: What did you do for your honeymoon?

We went to Bali and travelled around for 2 weeks, it was really nice!

QB: A special thanks to …

To Georgina at Flaxton Gardens, for being the most amazing help. From the day we arrived Georgina despite her very busy schedule made sure she answered all the questions we had (which was a lot) made us feel very relaxed and calm.

Also a special thanks goes to our photographer Adam, He went above and beyond to make sure he captured every single moment. From getting ready with my bridesmaids and Mum, until the moment we left the reception. His work is impeccable, and we’re so in love with our photos.


QB: What advice would you give other brides-to-be?

Be organised! If people offer to help, take them up on it. If there are any hick ups on the big day, there will be a way to fix it, don’t let it upset you. Be prepared that things may not go to plan, so if something does happen differently to how you’d imagined your already prepared for it.

Ceremony: Flaxton Gardens 
Reception: Flaxton Gardens 
Gown: Custom made by 'Made With Love Bridal' 
Flowers: More Than Just Flowers 
Hair: Donna Williams’s Hair & Make-up
Makeup: Make-Up by Lira 
Cake: Cheesecake Shop, Wynnum  
Transport: Old Skool Kombis, Noosa 
Music: The Offenbach Strings
Photographer: Raconteur Photography
Celebrant: Robert Harrison 
Engagement Ring: Custom made by family friend 
Bride's Wedding Ring: Custom made by family friend 
Groom's Wedding Ring: Custom made by family friend 

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