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Real Life Wedding : Natasha + Farshad


After meeting at a music festival, it was no secret that this stunning couple know how to have fun! Natasha and Farshad Faraji ensured their special day reflected their personalities, involving as much laughter as possible. The couple celebrated with a large party in true Palazzo Versace style, featuring just the right amount of glamour and elegance.

Location: Palazzo Versace

Date: 15th of November 2015

No. of Guests: 160

First Dance Song:  All of Me – John Legend

Photography: Milque Photography and Films


QB: How did you meet?

I always lived by the fact that you never meet a nice guy at a club, let alone a music festival! But I guess I learnt never to say never again because we met through mutual friends at a music festival. I hated him at first because I thought he was so pompous until I got to know the real him! And then it was history!


QB: Tell us about the proposal.

He took me to dinner one night, nothing unusual just one of our regular places for sushi. During dinner he kept talking about the fact that it was 2.5 years exactly and he couldn’t believe how time flies. When we got home he was running around in a frantic state going in and out constantly, I was talking to some neighbour’s across the road. He finally said come inside already and I wrapped it up.

When I walked inside he had marry me written on the floor in rose petals with tea light candles surrounding it and on our veranda everywhere, holding a rose with the ring sitting on the top of it on one knee.

I still cry every time I think about it! He even had my sister in the dark recording me, I lost my breathe, I just kept crying, I didn’t even notice to ring at all and I couldn’t speak! So he had to ask me do I want to marry him or not.


QB: Why did you choose Palazzo Versace for your wedding?

We loved the hotel, the parents loved the hotel and I didn’t have to think about plan B! We loved the resort style and beach feel it offered but also the ceremony was outside however, undercover and if it rained we weren’t going to have a massive issue. I liked that they did everything in-house from flowers, to set up and décor assistance, guests and family could stay at the hotel too during the wedding, so it made my life so easy.


QB: What did you do for your hen’s and buck’s?

Hens: A weekend away at the Gold Coast spending first night out and about with the mothers and then a Gatsby themed hens party staying at 171 Monaco Mansion and booth at East with a topless waiter of course.

Bucks: A week on the Gold Coast at Wanderlust on Water home filled with boat and jet ski activities and then the finale night with of course topless waitresses.


QB: What gifts did you give your guests?

A little glass jar filled with sugar-coated almonds, topped with a Versace perfume for each guest.

QB: What was your key styling inspiration?

Karen Tran florals were my key styling inspiration and the use of the Versace signature foliage print. I wanted to keep everything glamorous but elegant!


QB: What did you splurge on and what did you save on for your wedding?

We made a massive saving on the mens suits as we had a friend working in Tarocash and did a great deal for us. Also on the girls dresses as we bought them from and shoes were from Nine West on an absolute bargain! I also altered the dresses and suits myself to save on those costs.

I believe the groom made the biggest splurge of all on the wedding jewellery he gifted me as this is a tradition in his Persian culture. This blew the budget we were aiming for.


QB: What was the most special memory from the day?

Our most special memory was when all the bridal photography shooting was finished back on the Marina Mirage and the bridal party was released of their duties. The Milque team just let us relax before we had to go back inside and greet guests for more photos. We just spent ten minutes cuddling and talking to each other! It was the best memory of the day and we both will never forget the time we have alone to enjoy each other.


QB: What did you do for your honeymoon?

The honeymoon we spent 2 weeks at The Kahala Resort, Hawaii. We then went to Las Vegas for four days to watch Justin Timberlake and then returned to Hawaii and stayed at Hilton for one more week to relax before returning home.


QB: What advice would you give other brides-to-be?

My advice would be to look beyond your wedding plans and always remember why you are taking the steps you are to get married. The day is about starting a new chapter of your life with your best friend and celebrating the love you have for each other.

Ceremony: Palazzo Versace Gold Coast
Reception: Palazzo Versace Gold Coast
Gown: Venita Drennen Designs
Coordinator: Shannon Donovan at Palazzo Versace
Decorator: Rebecca Edgley from Jemima & Co Events
Hair: Twidale
Makeup: Twidale
Cake: Cakes Alouisa
Transport: Grande Limousines
Stationery: Ooh-Aah Invitations
Music: Cassidy Wilson Music
Photographer: Milque Photography & Films
Videographer: Milque Photography & Films
Celebrant: Ceremonial Moments – Elke Howard
Engagement Ring: Independent Jeweller in Istanbul
Bride's Wedding Ring: Independent Jeweller in Istanbul
Groom's Wedding Ring: Independent Jeweller in Istanbul

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