Real Wedding: Eleni & Nate


Drawing inspiration from the treasure trove that is Pinterest, Eleni Pippos and beau Nathan Kozionas worked with Styled Events to create their dream day, creating a “rustic look with hanging flowers and a fairylight canopy plus a touch of glitter and sparkle”. The couple’s 350-strong guest list whipped up a fantastic festive energy, with Greek dancing bringing everyone together, before the newlyweds headed off for “the second most memorable time of our lives!” honeymooning in New York, Mexico and Las Vegas. In a sentimental touch, Eleni’s stunning hand-beaded lace gown was created by the same dressmaker (a longtime family friend) who made her mother and sister’s wedding gowns. Bless.


Date: 14 June 2014

The Couple: Eleni Pippos and Nathan Kozionas

No. of Guests: 350

First Dance Song: All of Me – John Legend

Photography: Poryfri





















Tell us about the proposal…

It was my birthday weekend and he had asked me to take Friday off work. He said we are staying at the Marriott in the city for the night and he had organised a full day couples spa package at the Dome (Marriott Brisbane). We then went out to dinner at Malt in the city. I thought nothing of this in the leadup nor on the day as we usually go away for a night or two for our birthday’s instead of buying each other presents. We had finished dinner and headed back to the unit. He handed me the key to the room (which at the time I didn’t think anything of) so I could open the door first, and inside the lights were all dim and rose petals lined the floor. I think I was in shock because it still didn’t register what was about to happen. I turned around and he got down on one knee with a ring in his hand. I was crying hysterically for a while, and not for a few hours later did he tell me my mascara was all over my face and I looked like a panda. True love!

What did you do for your honeymoon? 

The second most memorable time of our lives! We spent seven days in New York, eights days in Mexico and fives days in Vegas. It was incredible, New York is our new favourite destination. We ate, shopped, drank, sun-baked, relaxed and ate some more

Where did you splurge & where did you save? 

We saved on wedding invitations and had a little DIY craft day although the design was done by the talented Senna Jean Designs. We splurged on styling the room. The Greek Club is a popular venue amongst friends and we each want it to look different and unique. I chose rectangular tables rather than circle and opted for a ceiling that involved a combination of fairy lights, festoon lighting, lanterns and flowers. I also had a beautiful life size letter feature that read LOVE.

What gifts did you give your guests? 

Our wedding favours were little jars of olive oil with a sprig of rosemary from my grandmother’s garden. We love to eat and we work well together cooking too, and thought it reflected us both nicely as well as being practical for our guests! Whenever they cook a meal they can use it and remember our wedding day.

What was the funniest moment of the day? 

 There were many funny moments – I can’t wait to see the video! There was so much energy in the room I loved seeing everyone get involved in the dancing (even my work friends who Greek danced!) My boss in particular I remember grabbed a napkin from the table and started waving it in the air and even did a knee slide (that resulted in some grazed knees the next day).

Special thanks to…

A very special lady who at 70 years old created a hand beaded and sewn piece of work – my wedding gown.

Key Styling Inspiration

My inspiration came from Pinterest and at the time I loved the look of an outdoor wedding with hanging flowers and a canopy filled with fairy lights. I worked with Styled Events to create this and I couldn’t have been happier. I wanted a rustic look with a touch of glitter and sparkle.

DIY Details

Our wedding favours were DIY! Our Koumbari thought of the idea and we loved it. We got the bridal party together and we put them together ourselves.

Advice for future brides-to-be?

Do your research, don’t ask for too many opinions – that’s when you get confused! Most of all, do what makes you happy, it is your day after all!

In terms of the day, try and stay relaxed as much as possible. Every bride will say this, and I never understood until it was my turn, the day literally flies by. Sit back and take it all in

Ceremony: Greek Orthodox Church of St George, West End, Brisbane
Reception: The Greek Club
Gown: Very close family friend Mrs Caterina Antonini
Decorator: Styled Events
Flowers: Brisbane Market Flowers
Hair: George Salons Hairdresser
Makeup: Blush Makeup Artistry by Mandi Anastasas
Cake: Stephanie's Creative Cakes
Transport: Kenz Classic (bridal car) and Limoso Limousines
Stationery: Senna Jean Designs
Music: DJ Kossi
Photographer: Poryfri
Videographer: Sipka
Engagement Ring: Kostas Gold & Diamonds as well as Stephen Dibb Jewellers
Bride's Wedding Ring: Kostas Gold & Diamonds as well as Stephen Dibb Jewellers
Groom's Wedding Ring: Kostas Gold & Diamonds as well as Stephen Dibb Jewellers

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