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Real Wedding: Laurie and Boris


Travelling Australia on a working visa, French-born Laurie wasn’t expecting to find love when she dropped her resume into Boris’s café in Brisbane. Not only did she get the waitressing job, she also scored a boyfriend – and, eventually, a husband. How’s that for meant to be?

Date: 15 August 2015

The Couple: Laurie Revol + Boris Horvat

Location: Gabbinbar Homestead

No. of Guests: 120

First Dance Song: Better Together, Jack Johnson

Photography: Jenny Cuerel Photography

Budget: $45,000



QB: How did you meet?

Boris owned a café in Brisbane, and I was travelling around Australia on a working holiday visa. I decided to leave my resume in his café – I didn’t know it at the time, but they were looking for a waitress. A few days later I got the job, a few weeks after that I got a boyfriend – and, 11 years later, a husband.



QB: Tell us about the proposal.

My parents were visiting from France and during the last few days of their stay, it was my Mum’s birthday. As we were getting ready to go to a restaurant, Boris proposed in our messy bedroom – after 10 years together, it was still a big surprise. It wasn’t romantic, but it was amazing as my family was there to celebrate our engagement with us.



QB: Why did you choose Gabbinbar Homestead for your wedding?

After a few months of unsuccessful research, I was tired of looking. Boris started searching and after two minutes, he found Gabbinbar Homestead. We loved it. The location and the venue were stunning, and exactly what we were after. The staff were very helpful, and so great. We also loved that we were able to bring some of our traditional drinks and food, which was so important to us.



QB: What did you do for your hen’s and buck’s?

For my hen’s, my girlfriends took me on a surprise trip to Thredbo for a four-day skiing adventure. It was amazing – I wasn’t expecting it at all! After a 10-hour surprise road trip, we made it to the snow. For the buck’s, the boys went to Mount Hotham for a week-long skiing trip. Everyone came home safely!



QB: Did you opt to do any DIY for your wedding?

All the decorations were DIY, from the aisle decorations to the seating chart to the table runner. The main DIY was a floor runner at the entrance of the venue, with photos of Boris and me, displaying our journey and love story.


QB: What was your key styling inspiration?

We wanted something simple, elegant, vintage and personal. It was important to us that we had a wedding that represented us as a couple.


QB: Where did you splurge and where did you save on your wedding?

We splurged on the wedding location, but we saved on decorations. I planned and designed all the decorations, and did a lot of DIY.


What gifts did you give your guests?

We gave them small bottles of rakija, a Croatian liqueur.


QB: What was the funniest moment of the day?

Boris’s speech was hilarious – he hadn’t prepared it!


QB: What’s your most special memory from the day?

My dad, uncle, and father in law are all musicians, so during the reception they played a few songs they had prepared the week before. It was amazing.  But probably the most special thing was the fact that my grandmother travelled all the way from France for the wedding – at the age of 83. In Boris’s speech, he thanked everyone. When it came to thank my grandmother, everyone gave her a standing ovation. She was so happy.


QB: What did you do for your honeymoon?

As we had family and friends coming from Europe for the wedding, we wanted to spend as much time with them as possible, so we haven’t actually gone on our honeymoon yet. We’re planning to go to New York and Mexico soon.



QB: What advice would you give other brides-to-be?

Have fun with all the wedding planning – it’s part of the wedding. The time you spend with friends and family preparing everything is priceless. And realise that not everything is going to go exactly as planned. Let it go and enjoy the unexpected.

Ceremony: The Pavilion, Gabbinbar Homestead
Reception: The Conservatory, Gabbinbar Homestead
Gown: Designed by the bride and Modelista (Gloria Gomez)
Coordinator: Gabbinbar Homestead
Flowers: Deane’s Wedding Flowers
Hair: Nicchia Horvat (the bride’s sister-in-law)
Makeup: SS Glamour
Cake: Vesna Horvat (the groom’s mother)
Photographer: Jenny Cuerel Photography
Videographer: SMC Studios
Celebrant: Lindsay Carroll

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