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Real Wedding: Monique and Nicholas


Monique Walker and Nicholas Hare met when they were six years old, and then again when they both played touch football at university more than two decades later. For this gorgeous couple, it was just meant to be. Their wedding was an elegant and romantic affair, beautifully styled and followed by a blissfully sweet honeymoon in the Seychelles and Dubai.

Date: 7 March 2015

Couple: Monique Walker and Nicholas Hare

Number of guests: 160

First dance song: Bonfire Heart by James Blunt

Location: Gold Coast




QB: How did you meet?

We first met at a friend’s birthday party when we were six years old. We met up again at 22, playing mixed touch football. Nick was also the coach and I soon became his favourite player! That was seven years ago. It was only after a few months into our relationship that we realised we shared a mutual friend – at our engagement party they gave us a photo that shows both of us were at that sixth birthday party, more than 20 years ago.



QB: Tell us about the proposal.

It was the day of the final exam of my post-graduate degree. Nick bought the engagement ring three months prior in London and was waiting for the right time. It was early evening, and he suggested celebratory drinks on the beach. The proposal involved two cards – a big mushy congratulations card (for graduating university), followed by a small blank card asking my approval for him to ask a single question. After approving his wish, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.



QB: Why did you choose All Saints Anglican Chapel and Sanctuary Cove Resort for your wedding location?

Our ceremony took place at the All Saints Anglican School Chapel in Merrimac. It’s Nick’s old school and is a large, contemporary chapel with a grandiose ceiling and a magnificent stained-glass window. It’s truly breathtaking. Our reception took place at The Grange at Sanctuary Cove. We loved its heritage and old-world feel – it’s totally charming and was not only the perfect place for our wedding reception, but also provided out-of-town guests with the ideal place to stay.


QB: Did you opt to DIY anything for your wedding?

The wedding invitations were personalised and printed on white linen and flat, black cards. The DIY component was the hours spent with our families assembling them all – it was a real production line of cutting, gluing, sticking, labelling, sealing and posting.



QB: Did you give your guests  gifts did you give your guests?

With such a large number of guests, we wanted to create something personalised, and had the idea of writing unique messages to each of our guests that would double as name tags. This was achieved through the design and purchase of black annodised plaques engraved with the guest’s name on the front, and the personal message engraved on the back. We thought it was a lovely way to express our thanks in a thoughtful keepsake.



QB: What did you do for your honeymoon?

We wanted to go somewhere new to us both. We travelled to The Seychelles for a week of swimming and sunbaking bliss, followed by a few nights on the way home in Dubai for a bit of shopping and amazing food.


Ceremony: All Saints Anglican School Chapel
Reception: The Grange, Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort
Gown: Strictly Bridal
Groom's Suit: Blaq - dark navy colour with white Country Road shirts and white ties.
Groomsmen Attire: Blaq - dark navy colour with white Country Road shirts and white ties.
Decorator: The Collector and Co.
Flowers: Fleuriste
Hair: Allure
Makeup: Allure
Cake: Simply Cupcakes
Stationery: Co Co and Ella Designs
Music: Annie Kladnig - soloist (Ceremony) and The Radio Club (Reception)
Photographer: Brooke Adams
Videographer: Matt Kent
Honeymoon: The Seychelles
Celebrant: School Chaplain
Engagement Ring: De Beers
Bride's Wedding Ring: De Beers

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