I Said Yes! A Collection of Romantic Proposals


As one of the most intimate moments a couple can share, popping the question is one of life’s most celebrated milestones. From sweet and sentimental to wildly romantic, we share our favourite proposal stories.

Bride and groom

Wedding of Sam and Isabel. Photo: Bayleigh Vedelago

Sam and Isabel: We’ve always gone to our favourite breakfast spot for special occasions and Sam took me there to celebrate finishing my law degree. After our meal Sam insisted on ordering dessert, although I had just eaten a huge breakfast. Despite my reluctance to look at the dessert menu, I’m lucky I did because the words “will you marry me?” had been especially written into the menu. It is sweetest treat ever I’ve ever seen!

Donne and Matthew: We were in South Africa with my family and Matt woke me up early on Christmas morning to ask if I wanted to open my present before we got up. He handed me a little envelope, got down on one knee and asked while I was still in bed! He slipped a small grass woven ring on my finger and said I had a few pebbles in the envelope for me to design a ring! I was so surprised to find five beautiful sparkling diamonds tucked into the envelope.

Wedding of Liliana and James. Kristina Childs Photography

Wedding of Liliana and James. Kristina Childs Photography

James and Kristina: James flew me to Venice for my 30th birthday.We had a beautiful dinner in St Mark’s Square, followed by a gondola ride.The temperature was about zero degrees and I was less than pleased to be out in the elements.When the bells started chiming at midnight he held my hand, dropped down to one knee and asked if I would be his wife. It was perfect.

Romantic proposals

Wedding of Lauren and Jarrad. Van Middleton Photography

Jarrad and Lauren: Jarrad asked me to dance to our favourite song before we went out for dinner. I love to dance and he hates it so dancing didn’t really ever happen for us. He had been planning to dance with me in his proposal for quite some time and said no at previous weddings and events to make it even more special. It was amazing and private – I loved it.We dance a lot together now.

Allan and Bianca: Allan arranged to surprise me at a work meeting. I was out to lunch with a colleague when he snuck up beside me. Dressed to the nines he flicked through a series of cards that read “Bianca Jayde Eastley, words can’t explain what I feel for you, you are my best friend and the love of my life, I love you so much”. Allan then dropped to his knee and asked me to be his wife.

Bride and groom reveal their romantic proposal

Wedding of Stephanie and Ben. Photo: Jennifer Oliphant

Ben and Stephanie: My friend Kayla asked me to be part of a photo shoot to showcase her work – little did I know Ben had planned this elaborate faux shoot. On the day Kayla had created a romantic setting in her backyard with a fairy light runway – it was beautiful. I was standing at the end of the runway, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a man wearing a suit. Even when I turned and realised it was Ben, I thought he was there to be a part of the photo shoot. Ben got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and of course I said yes.

George and Rachel: During a surprise trip to New York, George took me out for dinner followed by a walk through Times Square. He told me to look up at one of the main billboards where I saw a picture of the two of us with the words,“Rachel Comino, will you marry me?” lit up on the screen! As I looked at him, George was down on one knee in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Times Square holding my dream ring.

Romantic proposal

Wedding of Jo and Jim. Tricia King Photography

Jim and Joanne: I unknowingly laid the groundwork for a pretty dreamy proposal weekend by booking a villa in the hills of Mapleton for a surprise weekend away. We went for a drive to find a good picnic spot and ended up at Lake Baroona, where we had the place to ourselves. Jim really started to knock back the red wines, but I just thought he must have really wanted to celebrate! As we approached the nanna nap stage of the picnic Jim broke the silence, he said had a present for me. I instantly sat up to attention… I couldn’t believe it, was this really happening? I got really excited. He must have brought me dessert! Expecting him to hand me a chocolate brownie, he reached out and handed me a little box with a ribbon. I opened it slowly to find the most gorgeous bespoke art deco engagement ring. Next, as a true romantic, I swore. I swore like a sailor drunk on rum… then of course said yes. It all happened on a picnic blanket under an overcast sky on a cold July afternoon.

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