Wedding Dress

See how a couture wedding dress is made


If you’ve ever wondered how a wedding dress goes from conception to runway, you’re about to find out. Paddington Weddings has graciously allowed Queensland Brides to share its gorgeous new mini-film, The Making of a Collection, which is a look into how its beautiful wedding gowns are painstakingly created.

It’s definitely a labour of love – what starts off as a sketch in Anne Bertossi’s notebook turns into a calico toile, before becoming a reality and transforming into your wedding dress.

The Making of a Collection shows the kind of dedication and craftsmanship required to create a wedding gown. Fabrics are sourced from the choicest mills in Milan and carefully chosen to suit each Bertossi bride.

There’s so much going on behind the scenes of one collection, but the team at Paddington Weddings makes it look ever so effortless. And once each dress is complete, there’s the special little Bertossi Brides touch, sewn on to the label: a dainty ribbon, for your “something blue”.

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