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Shae and Chatura’s four-day wedding extravaganza


Spice up your life: four days of festivities, three ceremonies and plenty of partying. A whole lot of meticulous planning went into Shae and Chatura’s four-day wedding extravaganza!

It’s a well-known fact that planning your wedding can have its challenges, but Shae and Chatura took the bull by the horns pulling off a spectacular four-day event. The ‘festival’ included four days of celebrations,three ceremonies, plenty of partying and a whole lot of meticulous planning. “Indian weddings are definitely extravagant,” says Shae, who met Chatura online before ‘reluctantly’ agreeing to meet for a coffee. “Our wedding was a story of the journey of two families, two cultures, and three weddings.

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It was eight months of planning, two nights of pre-wedding festivities and makeup artists who arrived at 3am on the big day to get everyone ready. In hindsight, not sleeping the night before was not the best idea!

”Honouring both the bride and groom’s cultures, the wedding weekend began with fun-filled Mehndi and Sangeet (song and dance) ceremonies. “Chats and I did a little dance,” says Shae, “which meant a lot to me as Chats doesn’t like to dance!” This was followed by Telwaan/Bhatwaan, during which Shae’s family covered her in turmeric and sandalwood paste to symbolise purification: “It’s a traditional way of getting the bride prepared for her big day”. Usually, a tradition only performed by women, Shae asked the priest whether her brother and father would also be able to take part in the ceremony.“The priest looked into it and told me he couldn’t find any reason why they couldn’t take part. I was so glad my whole family was able to be involved; my father was in tears.

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”After two days of festivities, it was finally time for the religious ceremony. “We joined each other in marriage through both a Hindu and Buddhist ceremony at Shafston House,” says Shae. Despite almost falling off a segway when arriving at the ceremony, Chats kept his cool; Shae was slightly more emotional.

“I am very close to my brother, so he walked me down the aisle,” says Shae. “He saw I had tears in my eyes so he talked to me the whole way down, cracking jokes and trying to make me smile.” Topping the weekend off with a stylish crystal and white-themed wedding and reception at the Hilton Brisbane, the couple said ‘I do’ for the third time. “The Hindu ceremony was for my parents, the Buddhist one for my in-laws and the white wedding ceremony was for us,” says Shae.

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Partying the night away with a few hilarious games and a sexy Beyoncé dance medley from the bridesmaids, Shae, Chatura and their guests made plenty of life-long memories. “The reception party was just the perfect ending – we would not change a thing,” says Shae.

Extravagant ceremonies and the exciting festivities aside, what made this wedding truly spectacular is the love between Shae and Chatura. “From the day he took my hand, he never let go,” says Shae. “He believed in us always. I am so honoured to call him my home.”

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