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Spring beauty secrets from Celeste Madden @ Latonas Makeup Supplies


Celeste Madden from Latonas Makeup Supplies shares her spring beauty trend secrets to help you bloom this spring.

Spring beauty secrets: Eyes

“Use soft, warm pastel tones such as a light pink, mauve or peach on the eyes, with a subtle touch of Champagne gold in the centre of the mobile lid to create a bright, open eye. Then smudge the eyeliner right in amongst the lashes and apply a full set of individual lashes, as they look more natural and are a lot more comfortable to wear. My favourite place to put a touch of a warm shimmer dust is on the inner corner of the eye. It’s amazing how this final touch on finishes a look and dresses the eye up without needing lots of makeup.”

Spring beauty secrets: Brows

“While full, thick and defined brows are in and look great, I recommend filling them in and defining them subtly so that they still look natural. Feather the brows with your pencil or shadow, rather than creating full, block of brow colour as this look will not date and your photos will be timeless.”

Spring beauty secrets: Skin

“A warm tone highlighter subtly dusted over the cheekbones, under the browbone, down the bridge of the nose and on the cupid’s bow of the lips helps to highlight your best features and give a lift in the places you want. A touch of highlighter here and there also makes the skin look fresh and glowing.”

Spring beauty secrets: Lips

“Spring 2016 will be all about the lips – bright and bold reds, plums, fuchsias, corals, oranges and strong pinks. Match coral lips with a peachy colour cream blush and you’ll instantly have a youthful, healthy glow.”

Spring beauty secrets: Cheeks

“I like to use cream blush as a base for the apples of the cheeks as it helps to create a nice full and lifted apple. Cream blush gives you a flush of colour that looks like it’s coming from within rather than a strong blush.”

spring beauty secrets from latonas makeup

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