Wedding Planner

A wedding planner may just end up being your best friend during the lead up to your big day.
After all, a wedding planner is the key to wedding day perfection – and a stress-free day for you.

If you’re debating whether you should hire a wedding planner or not, we’ve got the trump card: perfection, without you lifting a finger. Sounds heavenly, right? A wedding planner can organise all this and more, taking your fantasies to reality with a few well-placed phone calls and a smile all the while.

Queensland Brides knows how important a fabulous wedding planner is, and we know exactly how much you’ll value them as you wade deeper into wedding land. That’s because we’ve been trusted by brides since 1984 to bring them the best, most honest wedding information – and that’s exactly what we do. Our wedding planner articles below will have you excited to start your own planning journey – wedding planner at your side.

Take the first step with our amazing selection of wedding planner articles.