Why I won’t be watching Married At First Sight


The new series of Married at First Sight starts on Channel 9 tonight, and people will be tuning in to witness yet more “drama” and “LOLs” as total strangers tie the knot.

I, for one, will not be watching. Given that I’m the editor of a bridal magazine and it’s my job to be on top of all things weddings you might think this unlikely, but MAFS is where I draw the line.

For the record, I love a good reality TV show (or, let’s be honest, a really bad one!).

But it makes my blood boil that in 2017 committed, loving, same-sex Australian couples can’t get married – while complete strangers can tie the knot on this show, just because it makes for “good” TV.

Okay, so the marriages might not be legally binding, and okay, they had a gay couple last year, but the message is still the same in this country. Marriage for entertainment? No problem. Marriage between committed, consenting adults who happen to be gay? No way.

I came back to Australia last year after living abroad for many years. To be honest, before I left I hadn’t given this subject a moment’s thought. I had just always assumed that Australia would have been the first place on the planet where same-sex couples could get married. To discover that this multicultural paradise – the Lucky Country, the home of the Sydney Mardi Gras and Priscilla, for God’s sake – is still dragging its heels makes me weep.

So, sorry, but to sit down and watch a “fun” show where complete strangers get married while gay citizens of Australia are still fighting to be able to be afforded this same basic right, doesn’t strike me as fun at all.

To find out more about the fight for marriage equality, check out the Australian Marriage Equality website here.

Ginny Cumming – Editor of Queensland Brides

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