Wedding Makeup

Your bridal beauty countdown: what to plan now


And the countdown is on! Stick to this QB beauty checklist and you’ll be prepped to perfection for one of life’s biggest beauty moments – your wedding day.

6 Months Before

Careful Preparation

  • SKIN: Look for a skincare regime and product range that works for you. Ditch any products that encourage sensitivity, and get a chemist’s advice on any niggling, skin-related issues.
  • HAIR: If you’re thinking about changing your hairstyle or colour for your wedding, now is the time to begin experimenting. Colour tests should happen well in advance of the big day, and make sure you get regular trims to keep those ends healthy.
  • BODY: If you’re looking to tighten or tone before the big day, six months out is a realistic time frame.Whether you book yourself in for Bootcamp, personal training sessions, laps at the local pool or gently ease into yoga and jogging, keep your body moving and get professional advice on how to target problem areas.



4 Months Before

Research and Treatments

  • MAKEUP: Begin researching prospective makeup artists and book in a couple of trials (remember to take along photos to help communicate what you want).
  • HAIR: It’s also time to begin researching your hair stylist and book in some trials with them too (photos can again be a big help). Unhealthy locks? Begin scheduled hair treatments to whip that mane into shape.
  • SPRAY TAN: Try a selection of spray tans to ensure you find the perfect formula – and colour.
  • SKIN: If you’re unhappy with the state of your skin, talk to a specialist. Starting a series of treatments like microdermabrasion or peels could be the way to go.


1-2 Months Before

Locking in the Details

  • HAIR: Have your final hair trial and remember to take along your veil or headpiece if you’ll be wearing it on the day.
  • MAKEUP: Have your final makeup trial to ensure the look is exactly what you’re after – and check that it lasts a full day and night. Remember to take photos so you can perfectly coordinate your manicure and pedicure colour for the day.
  • EYEBROWS: Have your eyebrows tinted and threaded by a professional (you’ll probably want a touch-up closer to the wedding – even if the colour’s fine, and for perfect brows you’ll want threading again too).
  • TEETH: If you’re unhappy with the colour of your teeth, now is a good time to invest in a whitening treatment.



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