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A Guide To The Best Man’s Duties


Being chosen as someone’s best man is one of the ultimate forms of flattery – you are seen as a genuine, supportive and trustworthy friend. Not only is the best man a source of advice and emotional support for the groom, but he should be available to offer practical help both before and during the wedding.

Wedding of Ann and Dee. Photo: Lover of Mine
Wedding of Chloe and Dylan. Mihaja Photography
Wedding of Chloe and Dylan. Mihaja Photography
Wedding of Jen and Tim. Kelly Adams Photography
Wedding of Jen and Tim. Kelly Adams Photography


Before The Wedding

  • Be available to assist the groom when required.
  • Attend any suit fittings alongside the groom and 
other groomsmen.
  • Organise the buck’s party, and ensure the groom gets through the night!
  • Attend the rehearsal and introduce yourself to any members of the bridal party or family you don’t know
  • Prepare a speech for the reception after discussions with the bride and groom

On The Day

  • Make sure the groom is calm, relaxed and that he arrives on time for the ceremony.
  • Take the rings to the ceremony (in an inner pocket) and hand them over to the celebrant when required.
  • Take a spare copy of the groom’s speech, your speech and a list of important phone numbers.
  • Witness the signing of the marriage certificate.
  • Assist the guests, especially elderly 
relatives, during the wedding photography.
  • Deliver your speech at the reception.
  • Assist with loading wedding gifts into the parents’ cars.

After The Wedding

  • Return any hired suits for you, the groom and the groomsmen.

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