A winter wedding

5 Reasons To Love A Winter Wedding

Tips + Advice // by Siobhan Davey

It’s no secret, winter is ‘off peak’ for the wedding industry, but why? There are so many advantages of having your wedding in the winter months, especially here in sunny Queensland. Why not embrace the subtler temperatures between June and August and reap the benefits.

Queensland’s average daytime temperature in winter remains around 21°C! Brian from Customs House says, “Everybody enjoys a little bit of winter sun and it is traditionally our driest few months so there is less chance of having to utilise a wet weather alternative.” However, if you are more of a bride who adores the winter chill, why not head inland. Toowoomba and the Gold and Sunshine Coast Hinterlands are typically a few degrees cooler than Brisbane and will provide that glorious winter weather you desire.“Gabbinbar Homestead thrives in the cooler months of the year because we embrace winter!” says Deanne from Gabbinbar in Toowoomba.

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A Winter wedding: bridal style.

Wedding of Joanne and Jim. Tricia King Photography

As for fashion, winter is the chance for your to channel your inner Kate Middleton and rock a gorgeous sleeve.You can also get creative and accessorise with a cosy shrug or bolero. Deanne from Gabbinbar says “Winter is my favourite season for wedding fashion! Women wear long dresses with faux furs and men look sharp in their tuxedos.” Not only that, your groomsmen will thank you! You can all sport a sleeve without getting hot and bothered as often happens during Queensland’s summer.There is also less chance of needing blotting pads and touch-ups so your makeup artist will be loving you as well.

You may be lucky enough to get a great deal during this season, especially if you choose to have your ceremony and reception in the one place. Brian says, “Customs House does offer complimentary wedding ceremonies on Sundays.This is a saving of $1500 and provides a spectacular setting with the river and Story Bridge in the background.” Also, many venues are off peak during the winter months so there is more chance of getting your dream date.“It’s slightly quieter in winter so brides usually get their first choice,” says Victoria from Victoria Park Golf Complex.

A Winter Wedding: bride and groom.

Wedding of Christie and Travis. Milque Photography and Films

Although considered the dry season, you are almost guaranteed to score some pretty magnificent backdrops for your winter wedding. “Winter in Toowoomba also creates amazing photo opportunities, fog can set in early morning and late evenings,” says Deanne. The lush greenery and magnificent flora and fauna will make for a beautiful atmosphere and even better photos. In the city, there’s no denying there is something magical about the winter sun reflecting off the Brisbane River on a sunny winter’s day.

The cooler weather gives you the perfect opportunity to fill your wedding with the cutest bits and pieces. Offer your guests cosy blankets upon entry to snuggle up during the ceremony, or personalised marshmallows which they can roast in the fireplace. Another cute idea is designer hot chocolate jars as part of their bonboniere.You can include all the ingredients in the jar for your guests to make at home. There is so many cute ways to spoil your guests and make them comfortable during your winter wedding. And for the lucky couple, as Louise from Victoria Park Golf Complex points out, “A winter wedding in Queensland means a summer honeymoon off shore!”

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