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How to choose a wedding day timeline that actually works

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Time is of the essence, and this adage is no truer than on your wedding day. It’s the one day where hours can pass by seemingly in moments. Before you know it, you’ve exchanged vows, cut the cake and bid your guests farewell. Instead of leaving the organisation of your timeline until the day of your wedding, get a head start – and thank your organised self when you’re serene, calm and unruffled on your wedding day. We spoke to Sterling Studios about how to make a top timetable for your big day.

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Think it doesn’t matter? It does. According to Chris at Sterling Studios, if you’re having an afternoon wedding you should have your ceremony at least three hours before sunset. It might sound like a long time, but you do have plenty going on in that time – the ceremony, congratulations from your guests, photographs, family portraits… it’s a lot to fit in a short time. “Attempting to cram everything into less time will just mean you’re rushed and won’t be able to enjoy the afternoon as much as you could have,” says Chris. Talk to your photographer about ceremony timing if you’re unsure – they’re well-versed in well-timed run sheets.

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As Chris puts it, “Military precision isn’t something that goes hand-in-hand with weddings!” Allocate more time than less for things to happen, and build small breaks into your wedding plan so there’s time to catch up from earlier setbacks. “It’s totally normal for everything to be a little slower on the day,” says Chris. “If you just allow a little bit of time here and there, it could be the trick to enjoying yourself even more.”

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The moment you have a wedding timeline, share it with your suppliers. Give your vendors time to shuffle their schedules, too. It can be extremely helpful for florists to know when you need flowers delivered, or for your hair and makeup artists to know what time you need to be primped – even your cake decorator can benefit!

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Good luck with your planning – and your wedding timeline!

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