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Flawless and radiant skin for your wedding.

As brides we all want luminous skin. We want our skin to look flawless and radiant on our big day. Instead of leaving it all up to the makeup artist to generate this, getting your skin into tip top shape will not only give you the utmost confidence, your make-up artist will love the fresh canvas to create their masterpiece on.

Claire from Integrity Skin knows that having fresh, healthy glowing skin will make all the difference on your wedding day!

If you have ever in a moment of madness decided to paint a house, you will know that you need to prepare the walls and ceilings before you start your process, skip a step and the paint just does not go on evenly, or look good, or last. The same applies to your face when you wish to look luminescent and radiant. Unfortunately sometimes bride’s faces tend to break out just before or on the wedding day due to stress and adjustments in hormone levels. A small pimple or two is easy to hide, but bad skin cannot be made radiant, no matter how many wonderful products the makeup artist has in their repertoire.

For luminous skin, with a flawless foundation finish, you need to start preparing your skin at least 3 months before your wedding day. You need to do this working from the inside and starting with exercise, drinking filtered water, clean eating and getting into a regular sleep pattern. Yes, of course you are stressed and busy and rushed, but by making time to exercise and eat right you will find that you will be looking your absolute best from within. In addition to this, Claire says that you should follow these 5 steps to glowing skin on your wedding day.

5-step guide to getting beautiful skin for your wedding day:

Step 1.

Always seek professional advice. A dedicated skin health plan is essential for getting the results you’re looking for. Diagnosing your skin correctly and getting a good plan in place will help take the pressure off you searching through a myriad of skin care and give you the confidence you need for your wedding day.

Step 2.

Cleanse your face religiously every morning and every evening, no excuses… tired, tipsy or too lazy, you must cleanse your face every night before resting. Follow your prescribed skin care regime, no matter what, set out by your professional skin practitioner.

Step 3.

Exfoliate your whole body three times per week, to smooth your skin. The best time to do this is during your morning shower. Follow with a body lotion, foot cream, recommended serum, face cream and eye treatment. Always use a non clogging sunscreen daily!

Step 4.

Drink lots of water, cut down on coffee, tea and alcohol, take essential fatty acids to moisturize and keep you healthy from inside, out, giving your skin a glow, and to keep you calm. A balanced practitioner formula essential fatty acid blend is a fabulous natural anti inflammatory too.

Step 5.

Have a recommended facial and body treatment a few days before your wedding to help you unwind, and have you sparkling from top to toe!

Contact Integrity Skin for more information on your wedding beauty routine.

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