Expert advice: Reception seating

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It’s probably not the most exciting thing about planning a reception, but putting a little thought into how to seat your guests is a must-do. Whether you want things to feel totally laid-back or you’re going for a formal atmosphere, there are a few things to consider. To help take the stress out of things, we asked our wedding experts for some go-to tips…

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From-the-wedding-of-Hannah-and-LachlanAllocate a table, not a seat

“You can always break tradition and assign guests to tables rather than allocated seats, giving them the choice of who they sit next to throughout the reception. This also means they can feel free to switch seats throughout the reception to mingle.” Michelle, Pelican Waters Golf Club Weddings

SS18-RW-Sam-Dylan-69Swap seats for quality time

“If you’re thinking of ditching the traditional bridal table, why not leave two seats free at each of your guest’s reception tables? Play musical chairs on the night and spend some quality time with each of your guests by enjoying each course with a different bunch of loved ones.” Ciarn, Room Three Sixty, QUT

RW-Ashton-Mike-27Create a dinner party vibe

“To create a dinner party atmosphere, use long tables. This also gives you the option to get creative with decorative details like table garlands and table runners – they look amazing underneath hanging installations or statement lighting features.” Emma, Coolibah Downs Private Estate

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