Things we’ve seen and loved: June 2017

Tips + Advice // by Emily Russ

Whether you’re actually looking for inspiration or you just want to look at ALL the pretty things (we wouldn’t blame you), these lovely ideas are sure to put a smile on your face. Here’s a handful of our favourite things that have come across our feed this June…

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Circle arbours

This trend has really taken off and we’re loving the look! Just like the wedding ring, a circle wedding arbour is a nod to the ‘endless’ nature of true love… plus it just looks super sweet!


‘Overskirt’ wedding dresses

One of the hottest looks to come from the Spring 2018 catwalks, ‘overskirt’ wedding dresses are both figure-hugging and full-skirted. It’s a trend that looks utterly classic – we love!


Espresso bars

Looking for a way to win over your guests? Espresso bars are quickly becoming a favourite at wedding receptions and when they’re as lovely as these it’s no wonder why. Want to celebrate with a classic espresso? What about hot chocolates for the munchkins (big and small) for your winter wedding? Tying the knot in the summer? Three words: cold-press coffee.


Embellished veils

How pretty is this embellished veil? Adding a little sparkle to your bridal look can be tricky, but a lightly-embellished veil has just enough to give you serious princess vibes without looking gaudy. So stunning!


Drone wedding photography

These two were on top of the world after their engagement turned into a surprise wedding 💍💍❤️❤️

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From delivering pizza to impressing your 12 year-old nephew on Christmas morning, drones are doing some pretty cool things at the moment. We’re amazed by the way wedding photographers are using the technology to get shots like these.


This ‘Flower Man’ from USA

We absolutely loved this story! When bride Adriana asked her cousin – who happened to be a grown man – to be in her bridal party, he embraced the role and made it his own. Walking down the aisle and throwing petals from a super cute basket, Patrick Casey really stole the show when he struck a power pose and threw more petals from his pockets. Like. A. Boss.


Balloon menus

Trying to think of a fun and unique way to display your wedding menu? Write it on a balloon. Enough said.


Gorgeous vegan cakes

Yippie ….I made my first raw vegan half moon cake 😀!!! Inspired by the sunshine ☀️ that we had the last two days I thought I could whip up a tropical mango – passionfruit & Cashewyoghurt swirl cake 💛💛💛 and I topped it with some of my raw vegan flowers 🌺… This time I piped some wild roses, some purple poppy flowers and some primeroses on top 💕…it was soooo much fun 😊Every time I finish a cake I think to myself there are so many more designs that I wanna try and it’s so satisfying to see the result afterwards 😀💛💛💛 I also wanna say thank you to the lovely Dora @theradiantkitchen and also to the beautiful Katja @healthnut_berlin who both shared one of my cakes yesterday 😍!!! I feel so honored and it’s feels sooo good to get some appreciation especially if it comes from such super talented ladies like them 😀❤️! thank you both so much 😘😘😘…and I’m wishing you all a beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine ☀️ 💛For a closer peak at this cake you can also check out my Insta story 😀… 💛 💛 💛 💛 #veganberlin #whatveganseat #vegansofinstagram #glutenfree #sugarfree #dairyfree #rohkost #rawvegan #vegansofig #foodiechats #veganwedding #weddingcake #veganvultures #ThriveMags #heresmyfood @food #plantbased @beautifulcuisines @thefeedfeed #feedfeedvegan @foodie_features #ahealthynut #storyofmytable #worldwideveganfood #eattherainbow #sweetcuisines #foodsforthought #healthycuisines #mybhg #cupcakeproject #imsomartha #rawcake #thatsgoodhousekeeping #diewocheaufinstagram

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Now, we’re fans of traditional (less healthy) cakes, but the details on these raw vegan-friendly cakes are just oh-so lovely. We’ll have an extra big slice, please… well, it is healthy.


Brunch-inspired deodorants

Okay, stay with us. It sounds quite odd, but these brunch-themed natural deodorants from Native Deodorant are kind of amazing. It’s a tiny detail, but deodorant is certainly something you don’t want to forget on the big day – so you might as well smell summer-ready! Sangria, anyone?


Teeny water bottle sets from bkr

Hey brides: get your girls gifts they’ll actually use. Introducing special Teeny sets.

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If you’re wanting to show your bride tribe a little love, these little water bottles are a great idea. Practical and adorable, the Teeny sets from cult water bottle company bkr (yes, cult water bottle companies are a thing) are a beauty essential that will keep your girls hydrated – very important with Queensland’s humidity!

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