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Customise your engagement and wedding rings with Clayfield Jewellery

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Designing (or choosing) your wedding rings is an important process yet many couples don’t realise each piece of jewellery can be custom-made and personalised to create something that represents the wonderful milestone of getting married. Queensland Brides caught up with Brisbane wedding ring expert, Trevor Sim of Clayfield Jewellery to discuss jewellery inspiration and how to customise your engagement and wedding rings.

You’ve been a jeweller for a long time, can you tell us what first got you into designing jewellery? 

I started in the trade straight from school and found very quickly that I loved dealing with people – in particular listening to what designs they desired. From there my love has continued.

What are you inspired by? 

My inspiration comes from any areas of my life – clients, people I talk to on my travels, magazines, industry colleagues and, like everyone, the internet. All of these open my eyes to possibilities in creative jewellery design and manufacture.

What is your favourite material to work with? 

I actually love working with all the precious metals. If I were to select a favourite, though, it would have to be platinum.

What kinds of things go into consideration when creating a new wedding design? 

At Clayfield Jewellery we all take part in the design process. We have regular design meetings to create that specially crafted piece. It’s in these meetings or even with the client that we consider who will be wearing this piece, how it will be worn and what the best materials (gems and metals) are to get the perfect end product. While we work mainly with handcrafted pieces we also often use a CAD program. This helps to nail down accuracy in metal weights, gem content and overall design.

With wedding rings, are there any stones or gems that are requested more than others? 

Diamonds are always our most requested gemstone but there has been a big surge in Morganite, a light salmon coloured gem with soft tones.

What types of jewellery do you create? 

We create many types of precious jewellery. Anything from engagement, wedding and eternity rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Nothing is off-limits. We have even made a gold diamond set called “Cat Woman”!

What services do you offer for couples who are looking to personalise their ready-made wedding rings? 

When talking wedding rings, we have many options available to create your special ring. We offer laser engraving, where you can have simple names or even copy your own handwritten message to be put into the rings. This can really personalise your wedding ring when your partner has handwritten the message.

Can you customise designs for couples? 

Rings can certainly be customised. Often ladies’ wedding rings need to contoured to fit with their engagement rings. Sometimes the groom wants to add his touch to the design of his ring.

Are more couples designing or choosing their rings together? 

Couples are always coming together to choose their rings. As far as designing rings, the process is often involving both partners.

Do you have a top wedding tip you’d like to share with couples? 

Organisation is absolutely the key when planning and designing your wedding. Do a spreadsheet, a budget and a timeline and all will flow. Most importantly though, enjoy the day!

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