Moreton Bay region weddings hinterland and bayside

The Moreton Bay region is truly a dream wedding destination with so many gorgeous venues to choose from! It’s conveniently located close to Brisbane yet far enough out of the city to offer breathtaking waterside or hinterland backdrops for a truly memorable wedding.

Scarborough, Redcliffe, and Bribe Island beaches are perfect for a romantic sunset ceremony, followed by a reception at one of the many unique resorts, marinas, or hotel venues. And suppose you prefer a rustic and scenic backdrop. In that case, the Moreton Bay Hinterland has plenty of options for outdoor ceremonies among the trees or in manicured gardens, with quaint towns like Samford and Daybro offering wineries and vineyards for a unique wedding experience.

Additionally, historic sites like old churches, homesteads, or estates offer character-filled venues that add a touch of vintage charm. With locally sourced catering options featuring delicious dishes made from fresh seafood and local produce, you can be sure that your wedding day will be unforgettable in every way.

Feature image: Photo at Ocean View Estate, Matthew Eastgate Photography