Fashion-forward: WEDDING RUNWAY BY QB is a free virtual styling platform which will change the way you try and style your complete wedding day look

From disruption comes the new. When COVID-19 forced bridal retailers to shut their doors, couples were left scrambling for practical ways to shop and style their bridal look. Addressing this need became a passion for Queensland Brides Editor Nikki Ernst, who, in collaboration with Australian fashion-tech founders, Belinda Scott and Crystal McGregor, began work on an innovative solution that would revolutionise bridal shopping into the ‘new normal.’

WEDDING RUNWAY BY QB is a global-first experience, allowing brides to virtually try and style their complete wedding look (from shoes and gowns to bouquets and jewellery) on a photo of themselves. Launching in July 2020, the starting collection includes leading bridal designers Zimmerman, Grace Loves Lace, Wendy Makin and Darb Couture.

As Queensland Brides editor (and daughter of the founding publisher), Nikki Ernst has been attuned to the growing desire for online styling options, which became a necessity during COVID-19. “When brides were left unable to shop for their big day, we saw this as a gap in the industry and set about creating WEDDING RUNWAY BY QB,” she says. “Now brides (and their bridesmaids) can spend hours trying and styling at home, even sharing their look with friends and family.” “This technology is a game-changer for the industry,” she says. “WEDDING RUNWAY BY QB will help bridal retailers ‘get found’, and the platform links back to the retailer website for couples to make a purchase or schedule appointments for fittings,” says Ernst. 

Free and easy to use, WEDDING RUNWAY BY QB is developed with patented visualisation technology platform, PUCTTO. Designed and created by Belinda Scott, this industry-shaking technology merges a digital and physical experience allowing shoppers to visualise fashion on a photo of themselves. “I’m so excited to see brides create their perfect wedding looks online and be able to share a sneak peek with their friends, says Scott. “The ability to visualise yourself in an outfit creates confidence to buy — and sharing the look with friends increases confidence even more. No more uncertainty at checkout and no more buying three items to return those you don’t like. PUCTTO is helping retailer profits and the planet.”

While the WEDDING RUNWAY BY QB launch includes a gorgeous collection of bridal gowns and accessories, there is plenty more to come. “We are in talks with loads more bridal, jewellery, floral and accessory retailers and are excited at the national growth potential,” says Ernst. “Watch this space!”

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Belinda created the concept after working as an art director in the fashion and bridal industry for over two decades, wanting to see what she looked like in fashion rather than magazine models. Using patented technology, PUCTTO lets shoppers visualize fashion on a photo of themselves, ultimately creating confidence to buy online.