5 Fashion Tips Every Mother of The Bride Needs to Know

Mother of the Bride // by QB

When it comes to wedding fashion, you’ll find a lot of talk about brides, maids and grooms, but there are two important members of the wedding party who need some love: the mothers. The mother of the bride and groom might not be the stars of the show, but we know you’d love to look your best on such a happy day. So how do you go about it?

QB sat down with fashion experts, Living Silk, to get their top five tips for dressing to impress as the mother of the bride (or groom).

1. Be comfortable and confident.
It’s a long day ahead, often spent on your feet – and definitely with plenty of photos snapped at every opportunity. Looking your best is important, but so is feeling your best. For this reason, Olivia at Living Silk thinks this is the most important tip of all. “At Living Silk, we want you to fall in love with your outfit,” she says. “Our aim is for you to leave our Paddington store with a big smile on your face!”

2. Dress for the occasion.
Ensure your outfit suits the ceremony and reception; you’ll want something which works for the formal portion of the day, as well as all the dancing you’re bound to do by night. As guests take into account the fashion they’re donning for the day, it’s even more important for you. “Living Silk has a large collection of garments from below the knee to floor length,” says Olivia. “We have something appropriate for almost every style of – from barn, to white tie.”

3. Don’t decide on a whim.
We’ve already mentioned how photography is so present at weddings, and one thing’s for sure: these photos will live on, be it on your shelf or on your child’s. And they’ll live on for a lifetime. “You have to look back on these photos and smile,” says Olivia. “So you’re comfortable and confident, take some time with your decision. At Living Silk, we welcome you to try your outfit on as long as you like, and as often as you like.”

4. Get some (valued) opinions.
Bring some trustworthy friends and family members with you. After all, they know you – and they know what styles suit you. “At Living Silk, we have a dedicated area next to the change rooms for husbands, friends and daughters to sit back and relax while the second most important lady of the day makes her decision – with their help, of course!” Olivia says. Just remember, don’t take too many people with you (after all, they do say that too many cooks spoil the broth)!

5. Allow time for your dream outfit to be made.
If you’re opting for a custom-made outfit, you’ll need to leave at least six weeks for it to be made. This gives you a nice cushion time for the garment to be made and delivered, with zero stress during that tempestuous week before the wedding. “Given most of Living Silk’s collection is pure handwoven and hand-dyed silk, we do need four weeks to weave and dye the silk and have it made,” says Olivia. The extra two weeks act as your safe delivery period! If you’re buying off the rack, a similar time frame is useful – just to give yourself time to breath, to organise accessories, and to organise any alterations you may need.

Find your most stylish self with a mother of the bride outfit from Living Silk.