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2/1193 Sandgate Rd, Nundah QLD 4012, Australia, Brisbane

Sparkling jewellery is the name of the game when you have them crafted up at Clayfield Jewellery, Nundah Village’s leading boutique custom jewellers.

Opening doors in 1984, Clayfield specialises in handmade jewellery items such as wedding bands and diamond rings. The team ups their game by crafting using the most advanced jewellery construction methods and technology available. Computer-aided-design software programs work well in your consultations; the team is able to measure and visualise the proposed piece. A wax model will be made solid through a Project 1200 3D printer so you could actually see the shape for production approval. The piece will be crafted in-house.

The jewellery you’ll find at Clayfield will have a strong support programme backing it up. Count on the crew to repolish your prized item, refashion the crown to prevent jarring the gemstone loose, and resize the ring.

As diamonds signify possibly taking the next step in your relationship, Clayfield Jewellers will educate you on the science of diamonds. You will learn about the cuts, colour, clarity, and overall weight of the gem. All four factors play well in the appeal of the ring.

A ring and wedding band lets people know that you’re ready for a new phase in your life. Arrange a consultation with Clayfield today.

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